The Incredible 5 Spots For A Memorable Singapore Trip

singapore-honeymoonThe earth is the only planet to have consecrated with some of the most captivating natural sights, lush greeneries soothing eyes and incredible spots. Hence, when it comes to explore the places of this lonely planet, the choices are endless.  Being a backpacker, if you are looking for the next ultimate destination for your excursion then you should opt for a Singaporean tour to enjoy the best of your holidays.

Mostly renowned worldwide for its enthralling lifestyle and a peaceful environment, Singapore is a country comprising of marvelous islands. The place receives numerous of tourists every year who visit to experience its rich diversities. Having seen various dramatic changes so far, Singapore is now an extremely developed country and one of the most preferred tourist spots in the world.

While being in this country, you could stroll around some of the most astonishing places which accomplish all the needs of a perfect vacation. Whether you are a shopping freak, an adventurer or a foodie; Singapore has it all for every frame of mind. Additionally, as far as best attractions are concerned, the island provides you endless options in this regards. Check out some of the most eclectic places which would provide you with unforgettable experience :

  • Marina Bay Sands Sky Park– Being one of the parts of $5.5 billion resort project, Sky Park is certainly one of the most visited tourist spot in Singapore. Located upon three 55 storey buildings, looking to the sights of the city is simply miraculous from this spot which provides 360 degree views. Besides, it also includes the world’s largest outdoor pool known as the infinity pool, which is accompanied by restaurants, bars, jogging park, spas and gardens.

  • Raffles Hotel– One of the mostly talked hotels of the world, Raffles Hotel apart from its luxurious services is charismatic when it comes to its architecture. Having offered its opulent services to world renowned celebrities like Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Taylor, the hotel has 103 suites with 18 discrete bars and restaurants with around 40 boutiques and stores and is equipped with opulent facilities and amenities.

  • Chinatown– This spot emerges as a great source to spare a portion of leisure time exploring the hint of Chinese culture and tradition. It includes various shopping streets and Chinese restaurants and vendors to attract the tourists. The entire place would provide you a great feeling of Chinese environment.

  • Universal Studios– This is one of the most charismatic spots in Singapore which draws a large number of tourists from all over the world. The place is known for its joy rides, especially the adrenaline pumping roller coasters along with various themed parks like Lost World, Ancient Egypt, New York, Hollywood, Madagascar to name some of them. Also, you could take pleasure of various water rides which are known for providing ultimate enjoyments.

  • Little India-This is one of the most amusing places in Singapore which takes you to the vibrant colors of India. Upon your visit, you would get into the rich and aromatic environment of delicacies cooked traditionally in family kitchens and stores stocked with useful and creative novelties. Additionally, the popular Mustafa market provides its service during day as well as night throughout the year.

Well, exploring the corners of this country could be more exciting and comfortable by planning your holidays with Singapore tour packages which manage your vacations right from the very first day.


Author: trushankkumar

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