Top 6 Thailand Destinations To Make Your Trip Unforgettable

Summers have arrived once again! Children are pumped up as it is the time when they can say goodbye to school, teachers, homework, boring classes, terrifying projects to enjoy their vacation. Holidays are one such part of a life that tends to be refreshing and exciting.

So, how about spending family holidays that promise great adventure with an addition of scenic beauties and peaceful environment?

There are various incredible places on the planet which have always invited tourists from across the globe. One of such places to discover is Thailand. Apparently, choosing Thailand tourism could bring you across exotic locales with endless activities to explore for a family holiday. Located in the west by the Andaman Sea of the southeast part of Asia, Thailand is famous for inspiring temples, natural beauty and the wonderful beaches of the world that offers a complete amalgamation of fun, entertainment and leisure.


Some of the top attraction which you can explore while being on a Thailand trip are:

Kata Beach: Lies to the southern part of Phuket, Kata beach is one of the charming beaches well-known for its clean surroundings, white sands and the picturesque vistas. Visiting this beach offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy fun-filled activities as well as adventurous water sports.

Bangkok: A cosmopolitan and capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is the most visited place by the tourists from all over the world. The floating markets in the city provide a superb opportunity to get glimpse of the local lifestyle and mesmerizing culture. One of the biggest of all floating markets is Damnoen Sadauk, which has numerous travelers from the UK.

Koh Chang: It is a marine national park in Thailand with a nickname of “the last untouched paradise in the Southeast Asia”. It is the perfect place to experience the gifts given by nature. Make sure you don’t miss this place if you crave for a quiet and peaceful vacation.

Krabi: With a stunning coastline and offshore islands, Krabi has always been a favorite place for vacationers from different countries. The beaches here are incredibly beautiful with picture perfect panoramas and the crystal clear water of the ocean.

Cha-am Thailand: Cha-am is located 160 kilometers from south of Bangkok widely popular as the longest white sand beach in Thailand. If golfing is in your bucket list then you definitely would not afford to miss this place.

Erawan Shrine: It is one of the holiest shrines in Thailand that has drawn the attention of large number of tourists. Spiritual Thai people installed our headed effigy of Brahma, which is believed, brought lots of luck to the local people.

So get ready to discover the most exotic destinations with Thailand tour packages which are not only perfect but affordable for every pocket as well.


Author: trushankkumar

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