Snow covered mountains, lakes, skiing, walking tracks, tunnels, scenic train journeys, water falls, cruises are generally associated with Switzerland. It is also famous about chcolates, cheese, clocks etc.


  • Lucerne :
  • Lion Monument: the crying lion of Lucerne is one of the world’s most famous monuments. It was sculptured out of rocks in memory of the heroic deaths.
  • KappelBrucke Bridge: constructed in the first half of the 14th Century as a part of city’s fortifications. The paintings illustrate scenes of Swiss and local history.
  • Interlaken :
  • Jungfrau: mountain excursion to the top of Europe for an encounter with snow and ice.
  • Trummelbach Falls: the impressive glacier falls, deep inside the mountain.
  • Jungfrau Park: Jungfrau Park is an amusement park located near Interlaken. The park consisted of seven pavilions, each of which investigated one of the great “mysteries” of the world.
  • Bern:
  • Clock Tower – Zeitglockenturm: the clock tower was Bern’s first western city gate and formed the boundary of the first city extension.
  • City of Fountains: there are over 100 fountains in Bern, out of which 11 of them feature the original statues with their beautiful allegorical figures.
  • Zurich:
  • FraumunsterChurch: overlooking the historic old square of Munsterhof, its chief attractions are the five beautiful stained glass windows.
  • The Swiss National Museum: housed in castle like building with a distinct tower, the Swiss National Museum provides an engaging look at Swiss culture and history.
  • Rhine Falls: it is the largest waterfall in Europe.
  • Geneva:
  • Flower clock: it is a symbol of Geneva watch industry, the famous floral clock, located at the edge of the JardinAnglais since 1955.
  • Cruises of lake Geneva: the lake of Geneva, nestled admits the Alps, is a true island sea making possible a wide range of cruises to enjoy the beauty around and the dramatic scenery.

Author: trushankkumar

Our philosophy helps us to look at our enterprise as a place of worship, a place of continual accumulation of knowledge and a place where we celebrate mankind's curiosity of seeing the world.

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