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Kerala is a happening destination amongst nature lovers and adventure seekers. The high mountains, rushing rivers, thick forests and the wide stretches of ocean water present the right place to let loose the adventurous spirit and get into some really exciting activities. Adventurous travelers have plenty of choices to rejoice about in Kerala. It is beautiful in all the sense of the word as there are plenty of interesting places to visit.

1. Mountain climbing:

Chembra Peak in Wayanad is a popular point for mountain climbing. It will take one full day to climb the mountain. The climb can be steep, rugged, and you will have to undergo through mist obstructing the view. Water is much needed thing to be carried along. Also be careful from the sun blocks and mosquito repellents.

2. Bamboo Rafting along the rivers:

The unique eco-tourism program allows you to enjoy the charming beauty of the forests where you can watch the arboreal animals and enjoy the sweet voice of the birds. You can move to many forest areas while rafting. If you are a nature lover then you should not miss this chance to raft on a bamboo raft at Periyar Tiger Reserve. This activity also takes place in Wayanad.

3. Trekking:

You can trek into the forests at Thekkady. You can also take a walk along the Tiger trail where you will spot animals. If you are prepared you can also cook in the jungle, enjoy the meal and atmosphere and take rest in the tents. Trekking will give a mysterious experience of the forests of Kerala. There are a few places in Munnar to go for trekking.

4. Living in a tree house:

Living in a tree house won’t be a common experience at all. You can stay at a tree house from where you can see for miles and spot different animals from the standpoint. Get into the majestic beauty of Kerala forests and observe the subtle yet thrill aspects of the forest life right from your tree house. Tree house facility is offered at various resorts in Kerala and obviously it would be lifetime experience. You will also experience the chirping of birds in the morning with the view of beautiful sunrise.

5. Wildlife Safari:

The biodiversity of the place and the amazing flora and fauna will develop a sense of resoluteness in everybody and through that you will know the importance of protecting the natural beauty. Day and evening safaris are available to tourists.

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