Munnar: A Nature Blessed Spot For A Memorable Holiday

Kerala tour1They say that the age between 23- 45 is the most crucial period of life when you could get some of the best achievements to cherish it for the rest of your life. Indeed this is true, but that doesn’t mean leaving or overlooking comfort, enjoyments and rejuvenation to achieve the success. There are times when continuously running behind the schedules makes life dull and unexciting. Hence, enjoyment and recreation too keep equally needed importance in life.

One of the various options to refresh life is by opting for a holiday. Believe it; this facet takes you to the galleries of some of the most spontaneous locations of the world with their splendorous appearance and eternal glories that would last forever. As such there are various destinations to give a great transformation to your mind and soul. And if you have been looking for such a spot let Kerala stun you with its unbeatable charisma.

If you have planned your holidays for short time span then the best option to make holiday cheerful is to choose a particular scenic spot of the place rather than trying to explore it completely. This helps you to spend your entire time discovering the splendor of that spot. One of such magnificent holiday destination is Munnar, a city of Kerala, located in South India. On visiting this enchanting place, bet you would completely lost in its serene beauty.

Whether it is the lush greenery or a wild life safari, Munnar includes something for every frame of mind. Check out its various touring points that would truly make your holiday truly remarkable.

  • Attukal- Drive just 9 kms away from Munnar and you would find this place which embroils breathtaking waterfalls, placid hills and trekking mountains. All of these facades are enough to make this place an ideal picnic spot.
  • Power House Waterfalls- Falling from an astonishing height of 2000 meters, these waterfalls would bring you to the raw nature of Munnar. Apart from that, you would also be able to catch the views of eye soothing mountain ranges.
  • Lock Heart Gap- If you are an adventurer then this is the spot that would accomplish your adventure hunt in Munnar. Besides, it also offers you some of the picturesque hills and mountains.
  • Eravikulam National Park- Located in Rajamalai, about 17 kms from Munnar, this national park provides you the opportunity to take a close view of various wild life species along with the captivating nature.

These are some of the spectacular spots which are worth to be visited and make Munnar as one of the most wondrous places of Kerala. Additionally, there are various other locations in Munnar that would just make your Kerala Tour simply unforgettable. Choose a suitable package from a reliable tour operator and set on for a rejuvenating trip.


Author: trushankkumar

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