Explore the most during your Australia Tour

Travel-AustraliaAre you crazy about adventure? Then this package is surely for you, in this package we have included the 4 most wonderful diving site of Australia to explore the hidden world of this country. Though there are many diving sites in this country, but we have sorted the best 4 locations for you.

Great Barrier Reef

It is among the best and renowned marine ecosystems all around the world and it contains over 900 coral islands. The heron coral island of Great Barrier Reef alone has 20 different diving sites, with varied depth of the sea, in every site. You can found the reefs around 5 meters below the water surface. Agincourt has the best coral canyons and here while enjoying the water sports; you can get an encounter with turtles, starfish and crabs.


You can get the opportunity to steer the longest fringed reef on the earth, when you are plaaning to diving off Ningaloo during your Australia Tour. Over 500 sorts of bright colored fish and 250 different types of corals are found in this region. During your dive into the Bundegi Bombies reef, you can get a chance to encounter marine creatures of different colors. The Manta rays, clown fish, sea turtles, dugongs, batfish and Playful dolphins can be found at Lighthouse Bay.


Tasmania is the southernmost Australian state and it has around 11 different sites from where you can tour towards the sea. The best thing about Tasmanian island that it has clear water, which allow you see clearly of around 10-40 meters deep into the water, without any pressure on your eyes, and get a clear view of marine creatures easily. Near Bicheno at Waubs Bay, it is the home of seahorses with big-bellied and leafy sea-dragons.

Baird Bay

To visit to mesmerizing marine world, there is no better spot than Baird Bay. This bay is home for the rarest marine creatures like Sea Lions. These animals built their shelter near the sea-shore. As you go towards the deep into the water, you may get a chance to play with dolphins. If you are ready to experience the cage diving then visits Port Lincoln.

These are few spots to have the best diving experience at your Australia Tour. Get you best seasonal package today and explore the depth of Australia with us.


Author: trushankkumar

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