Singapore Tour Packages at affordable Price – Plan wisely

Singapore12Jaded with your busy daily routine life, and then choose the best Singapore tour packages at affordable price to release your stress. A holiday in Singapore return to you what life so often keeps you away from – peace of mind, joy, excitement and happiness. Relax yourself and unwind in a warm and caring environment in the sunsets of beautiful beaches, while your children indulge themselves in discovering the excitement of world’s best water sports and rides in the water world.

Best Singapore tour packages –

The added advantage for people choosing tour packages now days is that it can easily tailored as per their wish – you can choose a shorter trip or a longer trip based on your time and budget. Just confirm the numbers of days you want spend in Singapore and the Best Singapore Tour Packages can be customized.

We recommend travellers to choose a minimum of three days and a maximum of five days for exploring most out of the island country. The country is easily accessible from most of the international airport, due to its economic and tourism progress. So when you reach Singapore from Europe, America, Canada or Australia it is certain that you will have jet lag and we would suggest you to keep low key on day 1. Hence make sure that your tour package for day 1 is kept as low as possible to give you strength for the next couple of day to enjoy the most. But for people travelling from Asia – you can kick start your day as an when you reach Singapore.

Plan your package wisely

We provide you the best options to explore in Singapore such that you can tailor your tour package accordingly –

Day 1 – The time for gaining your energy – Keep this day as low as possible and we would recommended tourist to visit the historic monuments, ancient civilizations, museums and in the evening do some shopping in the streets of Singapore. Make sure that you end this day early in the night such that day 2 of package should be planned extensively. Singapore is a small country and cities are well connected with buses, trains running and touching all parts of the country – so choose your travel based on your choice. The tour packages can also offer you private rented cars of your choice also.

Day 2 – Plan a complete day for Marina Bay – Marina bay in Singapore offers a wide range of tourist attractions to spend the complete day with lots and lots of fun and surprises. The magnificent Marina Bay Sands, Fullerton Hotel, Sports car in the Singapore flyover is enough to spend the entire day light and if you can free some time out in the day then don’t miss the free performances at the Esplanade Theatres. Devote the evening to Singapore curies were you can spend the evening with lights, music and dances.

Day 3 – Peace of Mind with the nature – This would be the last day of our tour and we would recommend you to plan a trip to the gardens by the bay were you can speak with nature and take photos in the Jurong Bird Park and river safari.

How long you choose doesn’t matter in Singapore because it is a place of outings with beautiful beaches, magnificent monuments, sky scrapers, world best shopping malls and zoos with night safaris.


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