Sharjah – Many Museums of The City is one of the emirates of the UAE. The emirate covers 2600 kms and has a population of over 800,000. The city of Sharjah overlooks the Persian Gulf. Sharjah city is the sister city of Dubai and Ajman on both its borders. Sharjah is now known as UNESCO’s cultural capital of the Arab World heralded in 1998. The cultural policy of Sharjah art foundation also has a year along program that included exhibitions, performances, and screenings.


Al Maha desert and Spa the center of the Dubai’s heritage and conversation efforts, lies nestled within a green and verdant oasis amongst some of Arabia’s most impressive dune and desert landscapes. Al Maha Desert Resort and spa is tribute to traditional life in the Arabian Desert.


It is a 60 meter high ferris with 42 air conditioned gondolas. Ferris wheel offers an aerial view of Sharjah Corniche, lagoons and landscape, extending its horizons to neighboring Dubai.


The Blue Souq is a main shopping hub of Sharjah UAE. The central market is the largest market area in Sharjah offering a unique shopping experience. It is a perfect example of Islamic design. The market has more than 600 shops which sell a wide selection of jewellery, antiques, rugs, curios, clothes and household goods.


Khor Fakkan is a popular tourist destination for swimming in the natural harbor and the sandy beach. It is strategically located on Sharjah’s Indian Ocean Coast. It is only three hours from the UAE’s main centers, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi on the Arbian Gulf Coast.


The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization covers Islamic culture with more than 5000 artifacts from the Islamic world. Objects include calligraphy, carvings, ceramic, coins, glass, manuscripts, metalwork and scientific instruments. Dubai Tour Packages


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