Holiday Packages For East Europe1.VENICE:

Venice is full of surprises and entertainment. Here you can visit beautiful landmarks like Saint Mark’s Basillica and the Doge’s Palace. You can also experience a ferry ride and visit nearby islands like Murano, Lido, or Burano. You can also take a look at art galleries.


All year around Paris attracts romantic couples from all over the world. Paris will always surprise you with marvelous restaurants, romantic walks, beautiful evenings and lots of moments to cherish. If you are going for the first time you would love to spend time at the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and other amazing places.


Florence is an historic center which contains wealth of masterpieces. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982. Here you can visit beautiful art galleries with amazing art and architecture. Also take a retreat to the verdant Boboli Gardens. You can take a walk along the Arno over the Ponte Vecchio and eat through the gelato shops and restaurants.


Prague is known for some of the stunning landmarks in Europe. Here you will find the Bustling Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, the famous Astronomical Clock in the Old Town and lots more. Prague is also famous for its great beers and pubs and beer halls. Also many cultural events take place here like operas and symphonies attract the crowds which will be a great experience of your trip.


Here you can visit the world class museums, island parks, shopping streets and cafes. Here the thermal baths are really famous. You can also explore around the Castle Hill for a taste of medieval Budapest. Also save energy for nightlife as it is all in one a different world at night.


People interested in history can take a visit to the Palace of Knossos. Those who are seeking for relaxation can soak up the rays along the island’s sandy coats. Shopaholics will love the boutique-lined boulevards of Agios Nikolaos. Europe Tour Packages


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