Reasons to visit Norway

Norway tour from MumbaiNorway is one of the countries in the world that is famous for its tourism. It is one of the favorite places for the adventure loving people from all around the globe. Different natural phenomenon like Northern Lights, fjords, a number of waterfalls, mountains, coastlines and delicious seafood makes this country irresistible to visit. The nature has given a lot to Norway and the Norwegians should be given the credit that they have kept those gifts of nature intact. The cleanliness of the streets of Norway is known all over the world and the literacy rate of nearly 100% makes this country much greater.


There are a number of festivals that are celebrated in Norway and the people of Norway love to party. The festivities are unique in this country as the people have their own style of showing their happiness and they love to show it. Instead of adapting the normal ways of celebrating or following the trend the Norwegians celebrate in their own celebrate mixing up the modern lifestyle and their traditions. In this way they enjoy both the tastes of their traditions and also the modern lifestyle.

Unharmed Natural Resources:

The people in Norway take special care of the natural resources. They haven’t decreased their forests in order to build more houses or building even there are few restaurants inside the forests offering all the modern life facilities but still not harming the nature. The people are extremely friendly and they are always ready to help the tourists. The mountains and the waterfalls haven’t lost their natural beauty and you won’t find any kind of wrappers and other wastes which are found in other countries because the people don’t care for their natural resources. If you go to Norway tour from Mumbai you would find it astonishing that the country which has nearly 50 million citizens are keeping the streets so much clean.

Delicious Variety of Food:

While on Norway tour from Mumbai you would find a lot of good quality delicious food especially in Norway. Norway is famous for its good quality seafood along with the variety of food in Norway. Norwegians love to cook their food in their homes. They don’t go to the restaurants most of the times. The tourists love to eat seafood in Norway as it is deliciously cooked along with the variety in which it is available. Although the prices are higher but still one can afford to have it for a couple of days once in a lifetime. In order to save your money you can also eat from small restaurants or can cook your own meal. It would be better to cook your own meal but you won’t be able to cook in the way the Norwegians cook their seafood.

The accommodation charges are also expensive so you would have to go with your pockets full of money if you want to enjoy this tour properly.


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