TOP 5 ‘Not to miss’ destinations of Rome must included in Europe Tour Packages


THE ROMAN FORUMWhen we look at the archeological site of the Roman Forum, we can imagine the citizens of Ancient Rome walking over the cobblestoned streets.

The Central Square of the Forum was named the “Foro” which is the busy crowded place as the throbbing centre of a modern city. People would meet here during their Europe Tour to see the gathering of orators, watch criminal trials and talk about politics or the new military strategies, or simply to share an opinion on the games or running races.

The forum had everything for a city center, markets/shops/taverns. We can also see the ruins of a typical Termopolia, which were the fast food restaurants of the ancient age. In short, the Roman Forum was the soul and heart of Roman Empire. During Caesar’s rule Rome became the capitol of the huge Roman Empire and the forum was the place for celebrations.

2. THE COLOSSEUM (Bloodshed Entertainment)


It was inaugurated in 80 A.D. starting with 100 days of games, which included gladiatorial and animal Combats. It was the biggest amphitheater in the Roman Empire we believe it could pack up to 50,000 people.

Emperors like Trajan used the Colosseum to celebrate their victory in Dacia with 123 days of free games which had 11,000 animals and 10,000 gladiators.

The Games generally started with humorous acts and displays of exotic foreign animals and were concluded with battles to the death between gladiators and animals or between gladiators. These fighters were mostly slaves, prisoners or criminals. Sometimes the free Romans and emperors also took part in the contests.



The name Pantheon originates from two Greek words pan (everything)” & “teon (divine). The Pantheon was a temple which was dedicated to the Roman gods and goddesses, built around 27 and 25 B.C. by the consul Agrippa who was a prefect of the ruler Augustus.

The Pantheon became the burial place of Roman kings and other prominent figures, like Raphael.

As per a Roman legend, it is the place where the founder of Rome, Romulus, was seized by an eagle at his death and taken off into the skies to the Gods.

It was the world’s largest dome until the modern era, and is called the world’s only architecturally best-preserved monument of Roman Empire. So this is a must see places included in your Europe tour Package.



The Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain in English) is the largest Baroque fountain in the city of Rome and the most beautiful in the world. It features a marble statue of Neptune at the center, surrounded by tritons.

Legend says that anyone who throws a coin in the fountain will be ensured a return trip to Rome.



Saint Peter’s is the world’s largest Basilica of Christianity, built in the heart of the Vatican City, with its 185 meters of length (218 if we consider the porch). It has surface size of 22000 square meters and around twenty thousand persons can pray in it.

Inside you’ll find Bernini’s masterful altarpiece—the great bronze baldacchino—and Michelangelo’s Pietà.

Mr Rishi is a Travel Consultant for Europe tour packages from India.

His experience spans across various locations in Europe. His Europe tour packages offer options for both historical tourists and Family Holidays.


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