Making the best of God’s Own Country- Kerala

Kerala tourism packagesIf a break from routine life is on your mind, you surely want to make it worth your time and money. Your holiday needs to be refreshing and rejuvenating. Kerala definitely calls for a perfect holiday destination. With many options of Kerala tourism packages, it should be very easy to plan your tour.

Kerala as it is called, ‘God’s own country’, is extremely beautiful and mesmerizing. Its wide demography has a lot to offer. Some of these places are,


Kovalam is one of India’s best beaches and amongst the most popular destinations for tourists. The beach has a crescent shape to it. It has a lovely lighthouse that offers a great view of the beach and the city. Ayurvedic massages and sun bathing are some of the favorite activities that take place here. You’re sure to find it on the list of most Kerala tourism packages.


Thrissur is popular as Kerala’s cultural Capital. This city has well preserved its religious, spiritual culture and traditions. Thrissur is famous for pooram that is celebrated each year. The city is known for it high sales of gold. Thrissur is a good option included in Kerala tourism packages.


Wagamon is a hill station that attracts tourists to witness its serene tea plantations, gardens and meadows. The beauty of this place and the lovely fresh breeze that it offers makes it a destination worth visiting and including in Kerala tourism packages.

You can make the best of your holiday if you plan your tour properly. You can select something suitable to you from the many Kerala tourism packages.


Author: trushankkumar

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