Spain: One of Europe’s best Countries

Spain Tour PackagesA good holiday and a refreshing break from routine is something we all wish for isn’t it? Spain is a destination that is ideal for a memorable and rejuvenating holiday. Spain is a beautiful European Country with rich architecture and heritage, culture that is very old and beautiful. Thanks to good Spain tour packages, it is now easy to plan a good holiday in Spain.

This country has one of the finest works of art and architecture. Also it has a beautiful touch of ancient culture. Spain offers so many destinations to explore and things to do that there is no doubt on why people are so keen for Spain tour packages. Some of the lovely destinations in Spain are,

San Sebastian:

Situated off the coast of Bay of Biscay, is the beautiful Coastal City of San Sebastian. People love this city for its serene beaches. The old town also offers historic buildings, which have been reconstructed after a lot of damage was done from the Napoleonic Wars. The City has wonderful culinary traditions. San Sebastian has one Europe’s best beaches and is a popular destination for swimming, sunbathing and other water sport activities. San Sebastian is a must on Spain tour packages.


Granada is a beautiful destination situated at the base of Sierra Nevada Mountains. It has the perfect mixture of a good nightlife and traditional cultures. It is home to the famous pinnacle of Moorish art, Alhambra. People are attracted to Alhambra for its great architecture. Alhambra also offers a lovely view of the city below. Granada is one of the best destinations to include in Spain tour packages.


Cordoba is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. It is home to the famous mosque Mezquita. The Mezquita was built as a mosque but is now a cathedral. The architecture of Mezquita is one of the major attractions in Cordoba. Walking through the tiny medieval streets of this city would add to your experiences. Cordoba is the place you would love to include on Spain tour packages.

Apart from these wonderful destinations in Spain, there are other Important and beautiful cities in Spain like Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo and many others which you can not miss out on Spain tour packages. Plan your holiday well and choose what suits you the best.


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