Explore CHICAGO & IT’S ARCHITECTURE during USA Holiday Packages


A unique blend of all types of architecture is how Chicago can be defined. The city is famous for more than its architecture. But the buildings, monuments and landmarks form for a mammoth component of the identity of the city. Beginning from Neo – classical architecture to the modern day contemporary buildings, Chicago city has it all! The cityscape is mostly influenced by the American architecture and is a representation of the same. The buildings of the city dates from 18th Century, which difficult to say of most cities in the United States of America. The architects in Chicago have studied in various architectural schools, hence the amalgamation of the style of infrastructure in the city on the whole which can be seen in more detail during USA tour packages from India. Some of the best, though not the only buildings in Chicago are:


flamingotravels.co.inAs said, the Chicago architecture does justice to all types of architecture. One of the examples is the main building of the Illinois Institute of Technology. It is a perfect example of a Neo – Romanesque architecture. The building has the arches of Romanesque architecture from 12th century but much more simplified version. It has the ethnic essence yet it is not ostensible like some of its historic counterparts. It is a construction of late 18th century and has been awarded as National Historic Landmark making it eye catching. For the historians and art lovers it’s the dream place that must be included in America tour packages.



The Rockefeller Chapel in the University of Chicago campus flaunts the decorative patterns, finials, hood moldings, lancet windows and scalloping of a true Victorian Gothic style. It is a nonconformist style and was meant as a key landmark by “John D Rockefeller” who was the patron to this landmark building. It has been built in the early 19th century and is used today for public services like convocation, movie screening and worship services with a seating capacity of 1700 people where we can easily be entered and take a glimpse during our USA Holiday Packages. The building is also adorned with antic woodcarvings on White Appalachian Oak Wood.


The Chicago School or more famously known as Commercial style is an art of architecture that has originated in the city of Chicago itself. The Chicago building was the first one constructed in the early 19th century establishing this unique style. The use of steel frames with terra coating, large glass windows and in excessive decorations of the outer premises are the key characteristics of the Commercial Style. Also most of the Commercial Style

flamingotravels.co.inbuildings are skyscrapers or extremely tall buildings. You can also explore the main city attraction that’s why it’s important to be included in USA Tour Packages  from India. Some other examples of Commercial Style in Chicago are: Brooks Building, Reliance Building, and Sullivan Center.



Apart from the authentic classical architecture, Chicago also boasts of having a wide range of Contemporary Sculptures, Cloud Gate being one such example. It is a public structure sculpted by Indian Born Artist Anish Kapoor who is notoriously famous for producing works of large scale and size. This particular landmark is inspired by liquid mercury and it is aptly called as “The Bean” sometimes due to its shape. The monument has achieved a far reaching popularity and has been projected in many recent movies like “The Break Up”, “Source Code” and “Transformers Series – Fourth installment”.

It is a lot to take in at once if you see the city with its glimmering lights and amazing sculptures. But believe us, that’s how you would like to remember it for the rest of your life. A city that is too much!


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