Top 10 Destinations must visit during Europe Tour

  1. Windsor Castle London

Windsor Castle London

One of the oldest and largest castles of the world is the “THE WINDSOR CASTLE”. It is currently the official home of her majesty the Queen Elizabeth II and it is full of history dating back over 1000 years. The castle has more than 13 acres of land and buildings that include chapel, where 10 UK monarchs are buried. 40 monarchs in the past have called the Castle home. Don’t miss the visit to this beautiful castle during Europe Tour.

At the end of English Civil War, Cromwell wanted to destroy the Castle, but fortunately, he was beaten by one vote in Parliament!

  1. Alps of Switzerland

>> Mount Jungfraujoch

Mount Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch Mountain is on the top of Europe. It is the highlight of any Swiss holiday that must be included in Europe tour packages. The highest railway station of Europe is at 3,454 meters above sea level. The visitors can access a high-Alpine wonderland of snow, rock & ice, which they can watch from the viewing platforms of the Aletsch Glacier or in the Ice Palace. Mountain climbing is the major draw in the Swiss Alps. The first known person to climb this peak is J.R. Meyer on August 3rd, 1811.

>> Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis

The Titlis is a mountain located in Central Switzerland; it can be reached by 3 stages of cable car and the last one is a revolving cable car. We can enjoy the spectacular views and the eternal snow during Europe tour. The ‘Ice Flyer’ chairlift permits us to ride over the glacier and see it up close. Once we reach the top, Glacier park offers us great snow activities and the suspension bridge offers magnificent views of the valley.  Several hiking trails start or end near the mid station of cable cars in Trubsee.  

  1. Keukenhof Gardens Amsterdam

Keukenhof Gardens Amsterdam

The Keukenhof gardens are the largest and most beautiful flower gardens of the world. It has around than 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, which are spread in about 32 hectares of land. While enjoying the gardens, flower arrangers share informative tips on using different flowers. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes and also the tours with a bike or a boat which is include in Europe Tour Packages. The gardens are only open for 8 weeks in summer from mid march to mid may.

  1. Black forest and Lake Titsee, Germany


This beautiful LakeTitsee is one of the best attractions of the Black Forest. It is surrounded by forest and Low Hills; it is an ideal place to relax in a wonderful, natural setting. Lake Titisee is perfect for sailing, windsurfing, swimming, pedal boating or a long stroll along the water front. The Cuckoo clock and Black forest cake originates from this area.

  1. Tylorean folk show, Austria

Tylorean folk show, Austria

Traditional Tylorean folk dance celebrates the true Austrian style, Tylorean folk show is a reminiscent setting of a traditional country estate. Musicians and dancers dressed in different types of colourful costumes and the lederhosen to entertain us with their impressive performances. One of the finest folk performances all across Europe, it has authentic Tyrolean music, Folk dance and “shoe-slapping” and “yodelling”.

  1. Colloseum Italy

Colloseum Italy

The largest theater of the Roman Empire, Colloseum could pack up to 50,000 people. The Games mostly started with playful acts and displays of exotic foreign animals and were concluded with battles to the death between gladiators and animals or between gladiators. These fighters were majorly slaves, prisoners and criminals. Even the free Romans and emperors took part in the contests at certain occasions.

  1. Disneyland Paris


Once upon a time, a master storyteller, Walt Disney, who got inspired by Europe’s best love tales, used his own extraordinary gifts to share those stories with the world. He had a vision for a Magic Kingdom where these stories will come to life, and named it Disneyland.
Fairytales take flight across 5 amazing lands which have different kinds of classic shows, attractions and street parades. Zoom through time and space and watch the unforgettable firework and light displays above the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Disneyland is dedicated to the young and the young at heart, with the true hope that it will be a great source of joy, love and inspiration for the entire world.

  1. Mercedes Benz museum Germany

Mercedes Benz museum Germany

The first modern automobile was created in the city of Stuttgart, in Germany. Take a tour through more than 125 years of mesmerizing automotive history and also the future at this museum. It covers around 16,500 square meters on nine levels; the exhibition showcases 160 vehicles and more than 1,500 exhibits which are divided into Collection rooms and Legend rooms.

  1. Venice(The Canal City)

Venice, Italy, is known by many names, one of them is the ‘Floating City’ as the city consists of 118 small islands which are connected by canals and bridges. Its stone buildings seem to rise out of water. There are no roadways or cars, only canals and boats. The Grand Canal snakes between the city, which is filled with a lot of narrow alleys and small public squares.
In order to give the buildings a solid foundation, the people initially drove wooden stakes over the sandy ground. Then, the wooden platforms were constructed over these stakes & finally, the buildings were constructed above such platforms.

Venice(The Canal City)

  1. Effiel Tower, Paris


There are more than 30 replicas of the Eiffel Tower all across the world. Gustave Eiffel, designer of the Effiel Tower, had an apartment for himself on the top of the Tower. 1,665 steps are needed to climb all the way to the top of the Tower and about 20,000 light bulbs illuminate it.

Con artist Victor Lustig “sold” the Eiffel Tower in 1925 for scrap metal.

The French people nicknamed the tower: La Dame de Fer, “the Iron Lady.”

During WWII, when Hitler came to Paris, the French people pulled out the lift cables on the Eiffel Tower so Hitler would have to climb all the steps to reach on the top.

The tower today has a lot to offer. The three platforms of Effiel tower are currently home to two restaurants, some buffets, a hall, a champagne bar and many gift shops. Informative tours of the tower are also available for children and tourist groups.


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