Niagara On The Lake is a township in south of Ontario, Canada. It is located in Niagara Region where Lake Ontario meets river Niagara.
NiagaraNiagara on the lake is a town famous for its British architectural constructions. It is said that initially the town was a base for British military. It has very beautiful cafes and bars. Enjoy the beauty of the city of Niagara by riding in horse cart. It is said to be the prettiest city of Canada. It is major region for tourism.

Niagara is a standout amongst the most prominent usa holiday packages destinations which is known for its beautiful magnificence and amazing perspectives.

photo.1In 19th century, Niagara on the falls played a key role in the history of Ontario. Initially in 1781, the town was named as Newark as a site for British military. After the revolution of America the town was renamed as Niagara. In 1880, due to the confusions between Niagara and Niagara Falls, the town was named as Niagara on the lake.


Due to its mild climatic conditions, Niagara region is very suitable for fruits cultivation. It is also said that it is the best place for Wines. There are dozens of wineries nearby.

The town is famous for lot of attractions like horse ride, golf clubs, foods, wine, theatres and historical sites like Fort George and St Marks Church. It also has recreational activities like hiking and biking and art museums.


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