Bern, the city of fountains is also a UNESCO world heritage site. It is located on the banks of Aare River. Beautiful, fairytale, romantic, charming, and good-looking are the synonyms used for this city of Switzerland. Capital city of Switzerland, it still retains its old world charm in the clock tower, the parliament house, the bear pit, Market Street and gothic fountains.

The old town of the city is called the Altstadt. This old town street is indeed a very crowded and touristy place. The buildings in the old city, dating from a variety of periods, include 15th-century arcades and 16th-century fountains. Bern is a great example of a city that has conserved its medieval structure while responding, to the increasingly complex functions of a capital city of a modern State.

flamingotravelsThe most unique thing about this city is it fully loaded with fabulous colorful fountains. The medieval urban centers have always centered around the fountains in Bern. The colorful figures and columns of fountains brighten up the grey of the long rows of building facades. Bern has over 100 fountains and out of these fountains, eleven fountains still retain the original picture with their beautiful figures.

Around 140 years ago these public fountains played a key role for Bern’s water supply. This public plumbing was essential for daily life of the local people and was visited by residents very frequently. During that time, these fountains were a central gathering point for news, gossip, business, and, very importantly, water. flamingotravelsIn the event that you need to investigate bern, the capital of switzerland, than is the best alternative to travel. Get more data on affordable Switzerland Tour Tickets. 


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