Experience The Beauty Of Nature In Norway

Click Here Norway TourPopularly called as the Land of midnight sun, the country of Norway is known for its natural beauty, snow clad mountains and the skiing, the magnificent phenomenon of Aurora Borealis and the vast coastline famous for whales, killer whales and varied varieties of fauna.
The breath-taking landscapes, heritage of the Viking, this country are a truly miraculous place.  For travellers, the place has a endless list of must-see places.

Truly natural wonders
The country is rich with beautiful places promising stunning views, memories and lifetime experiences. Some of the popular locations are –

Pulpit Rock: one of the terrifying and beautiful location, this is a natural wonder having a 600 metre drop down providing a thrilling experience and beauty of the fjord area.

Click Here Norway TourGeiranger fjord: This fjord, along with another, is two of the deepest fjords in the world. The Seven Sisters: This waterfall is at a height of 250 metres and provides a stunning view of the surrounding. The best time to visit the waterfalls is between May and July.

The Midnight Sun: The nations near the North pole experience the phenomenon of Midnight sun due to the earth’s revolving around sun and the axis being inclined. The months of summer experience prolonged daylight to a maximum of 20 days. The contrary is seen during winter when the sun is hardly seen in the country.

Saltstraumen: This is a strait and is the home of the strongest tidal current in the world. A unique phenomenon occurs in its waters, every six hours, making it one of the incredible sites to visit.

Aurora Borealis: This stunning phenomenon occurring in the skies of Norway is a must see for the visitors and astronomy enthusiasts. Charged particles from the sun are released and some of them get attracted to the earth’s magnetic field. Due to the direction of earth’s magnetic force, the particles are attracted towards the North Pole. They enter the atmosphere and collide with nitrogen and oxygen. The collision releases light and colour of light depends on the height from land.

Click Here Norway TourNorway tour planning
There are a host of options available to plan and travel to Norway tour from Mumbai. Many national and international travel operators offer travel packages varying from 4 nights to 12 nights. Generally, it is advisable to travel to other Nordic nations too along with Norway. The most famous activities to do in Norway are –

National Parks
Mountain climbing
Midnight Sun tours
Aurora Borealis
Watch Fjords
Whale Safari

There are many options available for accommodation – affordable segment to luxury hotels. Every travel enthusiast can plan his trip to the country, but it important to plan during the season. The month of June and July could be the best to enjoy the Midnight Sun. While the winter season is famous for snow and hence skiing is popular during this period. Depending on the interests of the tourists, the best period should be chosen to enjoy the Norway tour from Mumbai to the fullest.

Click Here Norway Tour Mr X is a very good at tour packages and will suggest you best tour package as your choice and also guide you the best places around Norway that should be visited. He also shares his own experiences to give you better knowledge about the Norway tour from Mumbai.


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