South Africa: One Of Africa’s Best Destinations

Beautiful beaches, Mountains and wildlife are things that make a great holiday. South Africa is one such destination where you get the best of all of these. If you’re looking forward to enjoying your break from routine then a trip to South Africa is what you need. Thanks to a range of good South Africa packages, it is very convenient to plan a visit to the country.

Africa Tour PackagesWith so much of diversity and a varied demography, it is a place with so much to offer to everyone. Over here, you can go on an adventurous mode as well as being calm and relaxing. There are all the reasons for people to be so fond of South Africa packages.

Some of the beautiful attractions you can visit in the country are,

The Big Hole:

Dug by hand, it is the world’s largest excavation site of its kind. This hole was mined to about 800 meters and it yielded in its time as much as 2.7 tones of diamond. After the mine closed in 1914 it is now a crater filled with water. There is a nice informative museum at the site where you can see Eureka, the first recorded South African diamond. You can even try exploring some diamond bearing gravel to experience diamond-mining operation. This place is a sight worth seeing. It is a unique sight you can have on South Africa packages.

Augrabies falls:

This is a place for people who love adventure and animals, birds. A thunderous and formidable flow of the Augrabies falls comes down Orange River. Home to gemspok, zebras, springbok, giraffes and various other reptiles, succulent birds, it is a place that offers a lot to the hikers, nature and animal lovers. Not to forget the quiver trees which are so beautiful. A day spent here is worth it and is sure to bring excitement to South Africa packages.

Satyagraha house:

Designed by Gandhiji’s friend Hermann Kallenbach, it was named kraal. Between 1908 and 1909, this house was the South African base for Mahatma Gandhi. It is from here that Gandhiji developed the struggle for India’s Independence. The restored house is an interesting place to visit during the day for free or else stay for a night in one of its seven rooms. Satyagraha house is a good option to be included in South Africa packages.

There are so many attractions apart from these that you can visit in South Africa. Plan your trip and select the places that interest you the best. Choose from suitable South Africa packages and enjoy your holidays.


Author: trushankkumar

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