Six Things To Know Before Leaving For A Vacation In Norway

Norway Tour PackagesNorway is indeed the most beautiful nation on the Earth with spectacular mountains, glaciers, churches, museums and parks. Have you already packed your bags for vacationing in the stunning Norway? If you have availed the best Norway tour packages, you might be at peace as your tour operator will arrange professional guides for you. However, if you are travelling all by yourself to have a sense of adventure, there are six things that you should know before leaving for the Scandinavian nation. This is vital to avoid encountering any unpleasant experience unknowingly while vacationing. These are as follows:

  • Varying Weather Conditions – Although, Norway is a small nation, it’s weather changes from place to another and hence, it is better to carry clothes which can add layers.

  • Liberal LGBT Laws – The nation is extremely liberal towards LGBT community and so don’t feel surprised to find same sex couples expressing their love in public.

  • Drinkable Tap Water – There is no need to go for bottled water as there are high standards for water purification and tap water is drinkable at all places.

  • Go for Bikes Or Cycles – Driving a car is an expensive affair in Norway. It is better to explore the nature’s bounty by biking or cycling wherever possible.

  • No Bargaining Don’t let the shopkeeper give you a puzzled look by bargaining while shopping in Norway as there is a fixed price for every item.

  • Shoes Strictly For Outdoors Norwegians have a great sense of tidiness and wearing shoes indoors in a Norwegian friend’s house should be avoided until insisted.

  • No Tips – If you are in a habit of giving away generous tips after having a stupendous lunch or dinner in a restaurant, it is better to keep the habit with yourself only in Norway as it will be perceived as a mere show off which is not appreciated by Norwegians.

You also need to take an extra care while communicating with any Norwegian as lifestyle comments or negative comments from price lists of goods will bring you uninvited trouble. The key to having a relaxed and cherished holidaying experience is choosing the best tour operator and affordable Norway tour packages.


Author: trushankkumar

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