How To Make Your Kerala Tourism Packages Adventure Filled And Exciting?

Kerala Tour

Kerala is the first place where the monsoon hits when it reaches our country. As such, it can be well imagined the popularity of Kerala in the tourism circles. Kerala has a wide variety to offer to its seekers and hence Kerala appeals to the young as well as the old. Kerala not only represents the rich cultural heritage of our nation in its multitude of temples but also the rich diversity of landscapes in its mountains and beaches. Kerala is the land of backwaters and beauty. If you are someone who is wishing to undertake Kerala tourism packages, it would be highly recommended to do it in the months between October to March as the weather is pleasant at that time of the year. In monsoon, the weather becomes too hot and humid and may not be suitable for everybody.

If you are a lover of adventure, be rest assured that Kerala tourism packages will not disappoint you in any way. Some ways in which you can make your Kerala tour much more interesting are as follows-


Opt for different water sports such as canoeing, river rafting, angling, skiing as well as paragliding. Most of the beaches of Kerala provide you with the option of trying these adventurous sports out. Many Kerala tourism packages also include adventure sports in their itinerary so as to make Kerala vacation much more fun.


You can spend an evening in the training of Kalaripattu. It is the famous marital art form used by the warriors of ancient times. Training in Kalaripattu is entertaining as well as informative.


Spend an evening watching the Kathakali dance performance. It is the classical dance form which had originated in Kerala and seeing such dances being performed in a temple will be a once in a lifetime experience.





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