Plan your Dubai trip with the best tour packages from Mumbai

dubai summer packagesDubai is undoubtedly the Shangri-La of Middle East. Situated on the southeastern coast of Persian Gulf, this enthralling holiday destination is sure to capture one’s interest. From posh shopping complexes to elegant grandeur, Dubai seems to have it all. The Dubai mall, being the world’s second largest shopping mall provides a major attraction for tourists, visiting the Arab nation. Apart from splendid shops, the malls provide a great ambience with a lot of amusement facilities for the children. The marvelous theme parks, zoos and aquariums inside shopping complexes put Dubai on everyone’s priority list. If you are planning to visit on your own or with your family, choose from the amazing Dubai tour packages from Mumbai, which are sure to give you a thrilling experience and value for your money.

The serenity and calmness of Dubai attracts tourists from all round the world. Do visit the Dubai Shopping Festival, which starts off every January and is a dream of every shopper. Vacation planners and travel agents sort out the best deals and offer trips to Dubai.

Sightseeing in Dubai

There are loads of places to visit in Dubai for sightseeing. One among them is the Global village, situated near the Emirates Road. It is one of the popular shopping destinations in the Arab nation, with several stalls set up by representatives from different countries. Many stalls line up the Al Fahidi Street, selling electronic goods like television sets, music systems, etc. at cheap prices. Hence, it is quite favored by the tourists.

There is also the gold souk where one can buy gold ornaments at a good bargain. The serene beauty of the underwater aquarium in Dubai mall is truly amazing. With its transparent walls, visitors can get a clear view of thousands of marine animals.

Holiday packages for travelers

Journey from Mumbai to Dubai has become quite easier with airfares getting lower in recent times. Dubai tour packages from Mumbai are offered by various travel agent companies. The tour operators offer flexibility in booking hotels and flights. They offer great discounts during festive seasons, giving your wallet a rest. The agencies provide both luxury and comfort, making your stay, a memorable experience.


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