Canada: A Destination Worth Traveling to

Taking time off from routine life is something we all need isn’t it? If you agree then am sure you are someone who loves going on a holiday. For a fun filled holiday, Canada is a destination worth traveling to. It is a beautiful North American Country. This place is full of fun and adventure, excitement. It is not very difficult to plan a good Canada Tour Packages.

This beautiful country has a lot of amazing sights. Over here, you will find destinations on edges and also destinations within the cities. From beaches to rivers and national parks you find everything here. In Canada there are cities, which are vibrant, developed as well as small and peaceful cities. A Canada tour is what you need to have new experiences and make lovely memories. Some destinations you can look forward to exploring in Canada are,

Old Montreal:


Old Montreal is home to beautiful historic buildings. It offers the visitors many wonderful options for shopping and delicious food. Horse-drawn carriages bring a charm to the city and ferry visitors through the lovely streets and the open squares. Montreal is one of Canada’s vibrant modern cities, while the Old Montreal section of the city is where you find most tourists. They come here to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. It is at the waterfront that the people love to go to. The landmark Marché Bonsecours in the old town hall building and Rue Bonsecours are some of the most attractive sights in the city. The interior of Notre-Dame Basilica is worth seeing also the City Hall is a good place to visit. A visit here would make your Canada tour very interesting.

Old Quebec:

GettyImages 526215999_super.jpg  7015×4662Spread across the lower and upper town of Quebec, Old Quebec happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to the city’s lovely historic buildings.
Along the St. Lawrence River is Quebec’s lower town. This is the place of the original settlement and is home to Château Frontenac. Many treasures are also found right here. Home to the Plains of Abraham and the Citadel, the upper town of Quebec is nothing less. It is also the place where you find the Place d’Armes and the Parque Historique de l’Artillerie. The upper town lies on 100m high cliffs. Developed well for tourism, this are of the city is truly amazing and along with the historical sites, travelers can also find artists showcasing their work. It also has a lot of interesting and many kinds of shops and fine restaurants. On your Canada tour, a visit here would be lovely.

Apart from The Old Montreal and Old Quebec areas, there are other places such as Toronto. Toronto’s CN tower is a wonderful place to explore it is full of excitement and fun. Ottawa is another of Canada’s good cities to be explored. With so many places to offer to the traveler, Canada is a perfect destination to travel to. A Canada tour is sure to be fun.

All you need to do is plan your trip well and choose from suitable options. A Canada tour from flamingo could be a great way to take your holiday. Make the best of your trip and have a happy holiday.


Author: trushankkumar

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