Thailand – A Paradise For Nature Lovers

Thailand Tour

With 16 million annual tourists flocking into this country, Thailand is considered as one of the top Asian tour spots. The cultural heritage of the place is something to be admired in spite of the colonial western rule and farming is the main occupation. A majority of Thais earn their living from land which is based on the staple rice (modeled on the traditional cuisine). So as a part of Thailand tour, some of the below-mentioned areas can help you explore this beautiful country.

Koh Phi Phi:

Koh Phi Phi
It is one of the most popular beach resorts in Thailand, and that is for a reason too. The major attraction of this area is the monkey beach. The name of the area is derived from monkeys as you can see a lot of monkeys playing around where you will come face to face literally with a monkey. The Phi Phi islands are also known as Krabi. One can relax on a wooden boat or can avail the services of a local tourist guide or rent their own kayak. Hang on to your own treats; though there is a small stand where you can munch something. If you are absent-minded, the monkeys will chow down the things in front of you.

Long Beach is another tourist attraction of the place, and you can watch the sunset. If one is lucky and the tide emerges, it is a beautiful walk towards the main part of the island.

Chiang Mai:

Chiang Mai
It is known as the Sunday walking street, which every visitor to Thailand looks up for cheap and delicious food. Vendors here sell all kinds of Thai delicacies like fresh fruit cakes, chicken satay, etc. Once you have feasted upon the Thai culinary, you can go for some local shopping modeled on Thai culture. Examples in this regard are wall hangings, musical instruments and so on. This is one of the must-visits for sure when you visit Thailand.

The tourist guides can provide you or tour packages can ensure you have a safe and efficient trip without any hassles.


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