Dubai Tour Packages – A Sightseeing Trip at Your Fingertips

Are you new to visit Dubai? The Middle East hub is flooded with tourist destinations, and you will be spoiled for choices. Dubai Tour Packages would be a nice way to start off things that provide a guide and idea on the top destinations in Dubai.

Dubai Tour Packages

Burj Al Arab:

It is the world’s only seven-star hotel and resembles the shape of a towering sail. It has a height of 321 metres, which makes it the fourth tallest building in the world. It is one of the most photographed structures of the world and is the world’s most luxurious hotel.

Burj Khalifa:

It is an amazing aspect of engineering and is the tallest tower of the world. When you reach the 124th floor as a part of your Dubai Tour Packages, the view will be something that you’re bound to cherish throughout your lifetime. The journey begins at the lower level of the Dubai Mall, and you need to pay your tickets in advance, and in the process, you will end up saving close to 300 dirhams. The slot sells out fast especially when the sun sets.

Dubai Fountains:

No visit to this paradise on Earth and it should be a part of your Dubai Tour Packages, is a glimpse of Dubai Fountains. It is the world’s largest and one of the amazing ones. The fountain shoots water jets as high as 500 feet that are similar to a 50 story building.

The Global Village:

For the global tourists who want to go for know-how of the international cultures along with a new shopping experience, this is a perfect destination. There are mouth-watering cuisine, live performances, and merchandise from various countries, which are some of the things to be seen in the village. You can end your visit with several games and firework displays. A point to be noted is that the Global Village is open from November to March every year, and such is the popularity that it extends some time into the month of April.

So these are some of the major tourist attractions in Dubai tour packages for your reference!


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