Kerala A Beautiful Place in India to Go To

Kerala Tour Packages

Have you ever wished to go to the state of Kerala?

If you have then be assured that a trip to this South Indian State is sure to be one of the best of your trips. This place is located along the shores of the Arabian Sea. It is home to a varied demography and that makes Kerala to be amongst the most sought after destinations for people to go to. People have a love for kerala and the reasons behind that are the beautiful backwaters and lovely Hill stations. Of course there is a lot more to the list of wonderful places in Kerala.

There is a slogan, which is used for Kerala, ‘God’s own country’. This slogan is indeed justified for Kerala has so many specialties, which would surely to make your trip a memorable one. Going on a trip to Kerala has become easier because of kerala that are easily available these days.

Beautiful beaches, serene backwaters, nice tea farms, green mountains, lovely paddy Fields, crazy Wildlife and pilgrim destinations is the kind of variety this place has to offer to you. With so much to give there is no doubt on why Kerala Tour Packages are so interesting.

Kerala does not only offer a really nice family holiday but it also offers adventures for youngsters and pilgrimage for the elderly. This makes it a state where all age groups can enjoy. This is why people prefer.

Here are the top recommendations for destinations you can go to when in Kerala.

kerala Tour PackageCochin :-

Cochin is a conveniently placed coastal city of Kerala and it is very easy to go to the other places within Kerala from here. This city is one of the most beautiful cities in this state and it is the place where you can find a lot of buildings and historical structures, homes. kerala Tour Package from Ahmedabad usually start from here.

Munnar :-

Munnar happens to be in the Western Ghats region of Kerala. It is a popular hill station of this state. This place is where you get to see the amazing green tea farms and the lovely scene of sloped mountains. It is also a destination for some adventure.

Wayanad :-

Wayanad is amongst the calm, peaceful destinations of Kerala. This place gives you an amazing view of lovely mountains and beautiful rivers. Over here, you also have the options of trekking in monsoons. It is one of the ideal places to relax during the entire trip.

Thekkady :-

This is the right place for those who have a love for nature and for wildlife. Thekkady is where you find the lovely Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is situated by the lake Periyar. Thekkady is home to a lot of different species. The lion tailed macaques a rarely seen specie can be spotted right here. This place is sure to make kerala fun.

When for your trips, you pick good options like the Kerala Holiday Packages from Flamingo then you can have a really nice tour and you can enjoy to the fullest. So plan well and enjoy a lot.


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