Choose the best Europe Tour Packages From Ahmedabad & Have Memorable Holidays

Are you a resident of the beautiful city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat? If yes and in the summer, you are desperately looking for memorable holidays away from the scorching heat, choose European tour packages. This is the best way to beat the extreme heat. Nothing is more enjoyable than holidaying away from home in pleasant weather conditions.


After all, Europe has plenty of beautiful monuments, snow-capped mountains, wonderful theme parks, and many other attractions that draw a large number of tourists every year from all over the world. Even if you have serious budget constraints, there is no need to worry.

There are also several economical Europe tour packages from Ahmedabad by various travel agencies. You can avail such packages as they cover prominent tourist destinations like London, Paris, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, etc. However, choosing the best tour package depends very much on that whether you are travelling solo or with kids or elders.

Visit Disneyland –


Located at a small distance of 32 km from the city of love i.e. Paris, Disneyland is the most famous theme park in the entire world! While children enjoy the rides immensely, and become immersed in the fairy tale characters, grown-ups enjoy the scenic beauty of the wonderful park and the wonderful eating joints that are all impeccably clean. Throughout the year, there are plenty of events at Disneyland like frozen summer fun, marathon weekend, Brazilian rhyme, Jazz fest, and much more. In short, a Europe tour without a visit to Disneyland is not a perfect one

Explore Paris –


There are so many places to see in Paris that it seems an impossible task if you have only two or three days in your Europe tour packages from Ahmedabad. However, there are some notable places, which capture the essence of the lovely city. Some of these are the Eiffel tower, Sainte-Chapelle, Sacre-Coeur, and the Notre Dame de Paris. Of these, while clicking a few snaps is necessary in front of the world famous Eiffel tower, the 13th century architectural masterpiece with stained glasses i.e. the Sainte Chapelle is going to make you spellbound with its beautiful interiors.

Enchanting Switzerland –


If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you may already understand the immense excitement of visiting Switzerland! Whether it is the Bernina Express offering an enjoyable train ride in the Swiss Alps or the cable cars offering a spectacular view of the snow spreading to a vast area, Switzerland is just an unbeatable European destination for all. The clean surroundings and the extremely delectable dishes will also surely catch your attention during your brief stay. For those who love to have an adrenaline rush, there is the gorgeous Rhine falls, which is also the biggest waterfall of Europe. The Chapel Bridge and the Abbey Library are also worth a visit.

Make sure to carry with you suitable clothing and a medical kit while travelling to Europe.

Author bio

Nimrat Rajput is a resident of Gujarat and last year she has headed for Europe tour packages from Ahmedabad, which eventually become a memorable holiday for her.


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