Going Fancy- Free on the Switzerland Tour

On mentioning Switzerland, one gets transported to the land that is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. A must-visit spot for most of the honeymoon couples and even for the adventure, sport-lover is Switzerland. However, apart from being awed by the gorgeous snowy mountains, what can you do or which places you can visit on your Switzerland Tour is something you have to know.

Based on your preferences, you shall visit the places that Switzerland boasts of and you shall be happy.

  • Skiing:

    WALLIS - Purer Skispass am Fusse des Matterhorns im Skigebiet von Zermatt im Kanton Wallis. Le pur plaisir du ski au pied du Cervin dans le domaine skiable de Zermatt, en Valais. Pure skiing pleasure at the foot of the Matterhorn in the Zermatt ski region, Valais. Copyright by: Valais/Wallis Promotion By-Line: Valais/Wallis Promotion/Simon Starkl

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Skiing on the slopes of St. Moritz, or on the alpine skiing ranges of Wengen, or do more of skiing at Grindelwald, you shall have all different levels of skiing slopes, and you shall not be able to make up your mind on which slope is the best. You will find plenty of big resorts and accommodation close to these resorts selling skiing gear to help you enjoy the stay.

  • Paragliding:


                                                                                                                                                                                        Switzerland is ideal for paragliding and even other such adventure sports too. You shall pick out from the likes of Interlaken, Fiesch and Appenzell. Jura-Dei-Seen Land paragliding and Caslano are ideal sites for paragliding in Switzerland.

  • Sailing and boating:

    MOT-200017-1600x501                                                                                                                                                                                             There are many lakes and waterfalls in and around Switzerland where you can go sailing or even go on cruises. Lausanne-Ouchy boat ride is enjoyable as is sailing on Lake Geneva, Lake Brienz, Lake Zurich and Lake Lucerne.

  • Mountains and snow:


                                                                                                                                                                                                          In Switzerland tour, you shall definitely get a lot of mountains and whether you want to climb up the slopes of Mount Pilatus or Matterhorn or Titlis, just make sure that you take your camera along. These places are sure to wow you and give you sweet memories to last a lifetime.

  • Art and culture:

    Art | 41 | Basel | 2010 | Art Unlimited | Ugo Rondinone | Gladstone Gallery | New York

    Castles of the era gone by are also going to keep you glued to the countryside in Switzerland. The castles like the Chillon Castle in Montreux, the 800-year old Gruyeres castle, and the Castle and Museum of Valangin are sure to keep you happy and soaked in history.

Switzerland Tour is surely not something you can put off for later and there is something for everybody in this trip.


Author: trushankkumar

Our philosophy helps us to look at our enterprise as a place of worship, a place of continual accumulation of knowledge and a place where we celebrate mankind's curiosity of seeing the world.

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