Experience the breeze of Europe tour packages from Mumbai

Europe is one of the most beautiful places in our world. Visiting this place is seen as a breeze because of its climate, open borders and a well preserved cultural heritage. Various affordable Europe tour packages from Mumbai can make your trip worth seeing. It has many beautiful lakes, forest, monasteries and wonderful scenic beauty.



London is a great destination to start a trip. Buckingham is the official residence of the royal monarchy which is now under the rule of Queen Elizabeth II. Change of guards parade is a lovely place to visit. Don’t miss Victoria roundabout where cycling race and Olympic walking took place. The London Eye is the biggest giant wheel in the world as it offers the highest public viewing point in London. Westminster is the next spot to be seen which often refers to the parliament of United Kingdom.



An exciting 5-star overnight cruise from UK to Holland can be provided in Europe tour packages from Mumbai. Madurodam is the main attraction which is Holland in miniature that can be seen on reaching Holland. There is a very famous shoe factory where wooden shoes are made and making of shoes with the right measurement is demonstrated. Moving on, a fabulous view of Amsterdam city on a canal cruise can also be viewed.



A drive to Brussels, the capital of Belgium can be a fabulous experience. Having a bizarre shape that brings together a cube and a sphere, the monument Atomium, is the main icon of the World Fair of Brussels. It has total of 7 spheres that are interconnected with twenty two cubes and is a wonder of 20th century architecture. Germany is the next destination that can be seen in Europe tour packages from Mumbai. The cologne cathedral is the biggest gothic historical cathedral in Europe.



Austria is the most beautiful and amazing place. Swarovski museum and the golden roof of Austria are the best places to be seen there.



Italy has many places which are worth seeing especially Rome and Vatican. One can proceed to the St. Marks’s square – the heart of the traditional yet the most beautiful city of Venice. Glass factory, Gondola Ride between the canals and monuments are indeed mind blowing.



The other heaven on earth is Switzerland. One must visit this place. Cherish an experience of Swiss miniature which is on the top of Europe-Jungfraujoch. The world’s first revolving cable car experience can be taken at mount Titlis.



Paris is a fun loving and great place where scenic beauty can be explored through cruise. View of Paris at night is a onetime experience with the beautiful buildings and scenes especially under the lights of Eiffel tower. Louvre museum is the biggest museum to have a look at in the world.

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Europe tour packages from Mumbai gives this opportunity for everyone to explore and relax. I love and enjoy sharing my unforgettable memories with one and all.


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