Don’t Miss The Journey to Swiss

Bored of travelling in India? Want to discover,explore something beyond? Break all the shackles and let the thought of travelling to Switzerland creep into your head. Switzerland tour is perhaps going to be one memorable experience for you and you are surely never going to forget it. And how can you, Switzerland encompasses a great diversity of landscapes and climates that will make you fall in love with it over and over again and who knows maybe you might feel like staying there for an entire lifetime.


Here are some of the places that you should visit while you are in Switzerland,and the places that surely deserve your appreciation :

MATTERHORN : Matterhorn is said to be the “mountain of mountains”.This majestic mountains fascinates the tourists. It is also said to be the most photographed mountain in the world. Won’t you like getting clicked on this famous mountain? The Matterhorn has a magic attraction,not only for the ones who love doing day-tripping but also for the ones who tend to love the view and also for the people who call themselves’’ALPINISTS’’ who love a challenge and dream of climbing the peak of the Matterhorn at least once in their lives. It’s shape being close to a pyramid it is surely a place that has to be touched and felt.

LAKE LUCRENE: Encircled by popular excursion mountains, Lake Lucerne is the lake with the greatest scenic variety in Switzerland . It is in a way an estuary , yet it remains characterized by a mild lake climate. Boat cruises on board five historic paddle A steamer cruise across the convolute lake of Lucerne on a sun-filled summer’s day never fails to leave you with happiness. But if you are planning to go on a trip scheduled sailing through a mild summer’s evening or,sometime near Christmas, towards town of Lucerne your journey will at least be just as unforgettable as any other thing in life.

RHEINFALL: This is perhaps the largest plain waterfall in Europe. Tourists have been awed by this spectacular waterfall time and again. Rhine Fall being a popular hub for all the tourists the natural beauty is overwhelming and for sure worth your time. You can visit in the month of May/June which is said to be the perfect time as the water peaks then. If you want to experience the falls closely , then you can always find yourself comfortable on a boat and you are in for a ride that is enough to last more than a lifetime.

CREUX DU VAN : Creux Du Van is a place that should surely be on your priority list when you are in Switzerland. The climatic pleasures of the “Creux du Van” is beyond any kind of debate – there are forests and arctic-alpine flora in the rocky areas. There are several wild animals inhabit the pristine natural landscape, which is well protected by a 25 square kilometer nature reserve. It is a paradise for mountain goats, marmots, deer, birds of prey and nature lovers. Touch this place and i am sure this place would be a paradise for you as well.

LAKE BRIENZ : Lake Brienz is proabaly a synonym for mesmerizing view,for you would be mesmerized by the view of this lake seconds after your eyes have caught a glimpse of it. A boat trip at the lake is a great way to explore the area at a pleasant pace. It is also called as the romantic slice of Switzerland. The beauty of this area is magical. Hop on a cruise in this godly lake to the east of Interlaken, and enjoy premier vistas to the surrounding natural beauties you have imagined off and get an escape.

With such beautiful things all around and with many Switzerland tour on your itineary you surely cannot afford to miss a chance.

Switzerland tour will surely be a life changing experience for you.

Author’s bio: Vishal is someone who is an avid traveller and wishes to explore new places. He is quite fascinated by Switzerland


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