Switzerland – The Dream Destination of Every Traveler

Whenever you hear the word Switzerland doesn’t it just gives you goosebumps or whenever you see the beautiful landscapes and sceneries on calender’s don’t you feel like being physically present there and touching the beauty of Switzerland with your own soul and physically being present there. All the dreams that you weaved once upon a time will no sooner be turned into a reality with the Switzerland tour making you live those moments.

Switzerland Tour

Switzerland being such a vast country with so beautiful sceneries and images that you cannot help yourself from shifting your gaze to some other place. Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist spots and it has reasons more than one why so many tourists visit Switzerland every year.

With so many places to visit in Switzerland it might become difficult for you to choose for yourself as to which places you would love to visit.

Here are a few places that should be on your travel list once you touch down this charismatic country :


The bent, almost banana-shaped Lake Zurich is framed on the southern side and gives a spectacular view as well as a spectacular experience. In the past, the lake was above all a route for traffic and transport,whereas today it is a popular place for excursions, and homes along its shores are much sought after.Imagine! What a bliss it would be living beside Lake Zurich.Lucky People indeed.


When we talk about heights,it will amuse you when we say that Mount Titlis is the loftiest peak scaling upto 10,000 feet exuding a snow and ice spectacular that’s visually stunning. Your riding experience would be completely different as you would be riding in the revolving Rotair, an aerial cable car giving you the luxury of watching the sceneries at a 360 degree panoramic view. that delivers of the snow-covered valleys, glaciers, lakes, forests and mountains.You would love to do Go kayaking from such a spectacular height which is surely going to give you a good trip.If you really want to set your levels a bit low and try being a starter then you can always hop on a Trotti-Bike (a scooter that’s not just for kids) and take a ride from Gerschnialp to Engelberg.


Thanks to its well-preserved medieval town scape, the Old Town of Bern found its name being entered in the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1983.UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site

The capital of Switzerland has more than one thing to leave an imprint on you. Its nostalgic old town is framed by the Aare River and offers spectacular glances of the Alps. Featuring buildings of 6 km of limestone arcades related to medieval history,its Renaissance fountains with colorful figures, and the much talked about thing is their lovely and beautiful cathedral which gives an added beauty to it with their beautifying rooftops, Bern, founded in 1191, is truly a gem of medieval architecture in Europe.


There are beautiful old libraries and then there is the Abbey Library of Saint Gall, though not one of those libraries which has survived till date in Europe but certainly one of the most beautiful. According to excerpts the library collection on the site dates back to around 820 CE,showing plans that are connected and linked to the main church.

The Abbey is said to have followed the Rule of St. Benedict, wherein a portion of history will take you back to literature,so it is no wonder for the great abbey being constructed and designed with one. With the growing pace of the abbey over the years,its library also grew with this steady pace , and no sooner did the site became well known for its wide range of collections that had valuable manuscripts and writings, as well as a leading center for science and Western culture around the 10th century.

With such amazing and historic things being offered to you i guess you shouldn’t miss a chance make Switzerland tour a happening one which will be remembered forever.

Author’s Bio : The author of this article is Vishal who has been traveling and wandering places in search of exploring something new.


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