Go on Unique and Enthralling Tour with Europe Tour Packages from Mumbai

If you are looking for an offbeat international trip or may be a trip to the not so popular destinations in Europe, then what do you do. Simply go and check through the websites and even find out the best names in tour operating and find the places that are a little off the beaten track. It has been seen that while many people love to visit the only popular tourist destinations in Europe like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or Westminster Abbey in England, or even visit the Leaning tower of Pisa, there are many other cities that do not feature in their wish list.


Call it a lack of awareness but there are various countries like Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, and Latvia which are equally amazing for the fun-loving holiday-makers. If you are looking for Europe tour packages from Mumbai, just make sure that you ask the tour operators for the off-beaten European country tours.

What you may pick for your trip?

You may pick places like Portugal, where the medieval homes, forts, and ruins and beaches would make your heart warm. You shall also get to enjoy a visit to the quaint little village of Monsaraz, or walk through the ancient town of Évora, or go swimming in the mesmerizing beaches of Algrave. You might also photograph the scenic locales.

Europe tour packages from Mumbai

Latvia has plenty of green spaces, with National parks, beaches and more for the travelers. You might try visiting the Slitere National Park, or soak in the culture and have a peg of beer in Riga, or Aizpute and Madona to name a few places.

Norway can also be on your list of idyllic places that you should visit on your Europe Tour packages from Mumbai.  Geirangerfjord is an almost perfect range of mountains and valleys in Norway that will make you absorb nature. If you are an art lover, then Norway is the place you should be. You have places like Bergen, which is an art hub in the quaint district of Norway. Even Vigelandsparken is one of the places that would be on your must-visit list on your visit to Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Croatia is a place that would be ideal for those laid back souls who would like to sleep under the vast expanse of the sky and wake up to see the sun rise on the horizon. The idyllic town of Preko is a must visit here, for those who love everything to go in its own pace. If you are going to spend your tour with your friends in exploring the countryside and later relax to some music with beer, or perhaps even a glass of wine, Croatia has it all for you.

Author Bio: The author loves to go on tours that are absolutely off-beat and hence, takes active interest in finding and traveling to such off beat places. The author feels that if a person goes for Europe tour packages from Mumbai then the trip should be very unique and with high value for money.


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