Get mesmerized with the amazing places in USA Tour Package from Mumbai

Being the world’s only biggest and superpower economy, almost every one of us knows something or the other about the United States of America. Apart from having the great The Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate, the Empire State Building and other famous national ad tourist destinations, USA has always left its mark as a global icon. Visitors, who plan their visit to USA in their USA Tour Package from Mumbai, should make sure they don’t miss out on the national buildings which depict the historical events of the country.

Check out some of the must visit places in USA Tour Package from Mumbai.

The National WWII Museum

Previously known as the D-day Museum, The National WWII Museum is known to be a military history museum situated in the Central Business District of New Orleans. The heart wrenching and exclusive museum showcases the thorough analysis of the biggest historical war of the 20th century in a nuanced manner. Displaying the three grand pavilions, huge wall-fit photographs capturing the confusion, compelling history of survival stories orally, the cold goose bumps feeling when rambled via Ardennes’ snowy woods, are some of the niche of the place. Do not miss out the educationally inscribed sights of The National World War II Museum in your USA Tour Package from Mumbai. With its new campaigns of Courageous pavilions spotting the Pacific and European theatres, re-built hut of Quonset, galleries of new road to Berlin covering battlefronts of European soldiers, galleries of Road to Tokyo highlighting the Pacific theater, visitors can simply customize their discoveries with a help of a dog tag connecting them at various exhibitions.The National WWII Museum

White House

Located in Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, The White House is the principal workplace and official residence of the United States President. Survived by both insults and fires of Jefferson and Brits respectively, make sure you book your USA Tour Package from Mumbai to The White House in advance. According to the rules, the natives should apply through one of the Congress members and people coming from other parts of the world, should apply via consulate of USA from around 1 month to 6 months in advance. Apart from that, if you think you don’t have that much time; check out the White House Visitor Center which is an absolute look-a-like of the original one. Miscellaneous articles, executive artifacts are showcased in a similar way as it is being displayed in The White House.

The White House

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Managed by the Land Management Bureau under the National Landscape Conservation System, The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, located in Nevada, is under protection as a National Conservation Area. The amazing natural forces and the bright contrast between artificial neon glows is something which every tourist feel lucky to witness. Said to be created around 70 million years ago, the canyon now looks like a steep valley with uneven red rock edgy plateau which rises above 900 meter above the sea level. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is now every hiker, rock climbers and wildlife watchers top rated places to execute their adventure. Make sure you plan your visit in your USA Tour Package from Mumbai in such a manner that you come during autumn or spring seasons and that you don’t end up taking the blazing heat back home. Its one way beautiful and scenic drive crosses through some of the most eye captivating features of the canyon giving an ample scope for people who are fanatic about outdoor adventure sports especially rock climbing and hiking.

Red Rock Canyon

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