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All we know about Kerala is that Kerala has an awesome landscape. A beauty which is rare,very rare. A person visiting Kerala for the very first time would get lost here. Lost not on the streets,but simply by watching the beauty that is so captivating. And amidst all this,we often forget or look over what Kerala has to offer. It’s true that Kerala is nothing short of a  paradise just because of its vibrant nature. But the food that you get in Kerala is a gateway to heaven. Some lip smacking delicacies will literally swipe you off your feet. Kerala Tours will never be complete if you just go there and return without engaging in some beautiful offerings. So,this time if you are planning Kerala Tours then make sure that you do not forget to eat some of these wondrous food that will simply add to the beauty of Kerala:

Kerala Trip

PUTTU AND KADALA CURRY : Popular as one of the main breakfast dish, Puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake that is cooked with coconut shavings and is served with Kadala Curry. A perfect dish to start your day with.

APPAM WITH STEW : Appam being a revolutionary food is quite popular in Kerala. It’s got a soft and thick center and is paper thin from outside. Essentially a rice pan-cake,you can have this with anything and still this will turn out to be a blinder. The typical chicken stew will have fine chunks of chicken or meat literally bathed and covered in a yummy coconut gravy.

DOSA GHEE ROAST WITH KERALA STYLE SAMBHAR : Dosa is one of those items which is popular as street food in most parts of India,but Kerala is one such place where Dosa had found its origin. And simply grab this lip-smacking delicacy along with Kerala style Sambhar and your day is made.

SPICY CHICKEN FRY : This might sound as a cliché food item,but let me tell you the
Chicken Fry served in parts of Kerala is downright delicious. Served on a banana leaf,you will definitely go ga-ga over the Kerala version of Spicy Chicken Fry.

Author’s Bio : The author of this article, Vishal loves to explore various kinds of food and thinks that Kerala Tours are incomplete without these delectable food items.


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