If there is one of place which attracts as much tourist as any other place has to be Singapore. This heavenly place which has got so much to offer all under one roof from all the beautiful islands to those heavenly abode are one of the most significant features of Singapore. Right from the little things to those huge landscapes, all of this make for an exquisite affair that surely doesn’t stand to miss out when you are on a trip to Singapore, and why so  this diverse place has been home to so many national and international tourists for such a long time and still it has not lost its essence. Tourists and travelers seem to be thronging into this beautiful more than ever since for all the good reason. With so much to be offered this place has altogether given a different meaning to life and also for all the ones who travel either to discover their soul or to simply have fun and chill themselves out, Singapore sorts it out for everyone present across all age groups. There is no other place that offers such diversity and with Singapore tour packages from Ahmedabad you can make sure that you are surely to going to miss  out on anything. As Singapore Travel Packages from Ahmedabad gives you an edge over others if you avail these lovely packages and then you can enjoy the days and vacations like no other. But while you are in Singapore you gotta make sure that you remove all the burden from your shoulders and simply take part in the fun that this place has in store for you.


Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore

This is aver adorable temple of Singapore also amongst one of the finest architectural constraints that this building looks like. A prodatypical of a Srilankan or a South Indian temple but in ways more than one this temple is unique. This temple is located near Chinatown MRT and reflects a very divine atmosphere. Rituals are conducted like any other religious place,and add them all with a oinge of great architectural work and famous buildings and this place weaves its magic like no other place. The artwork inside this temple is simply breath-taking  and the exteriors are also terrific. It is nothing but just like an explosion of joy that you are going to experience. In short a quick pit to simply stop pray appreciate and carry on the blessings ahead wherever you go.



In the heart of Chinatown there lies this heritage center,the audioplay is easy to follow and having a quick glance at the rooms you will get to know how people used to live here and how nostalgic everything seems here. You won’t regret visiting this place and it will surely give you the one time experience and feels. If you are someone who wants to live a life as a ChinaTown heritage .There are collections right from the ancient days of the working class in that case. A great chance for the parents to educate their children about history of this place.


Sultan Mosque

One of the finest examples of the diverse preachings that this place carries and the diversity that this place has to offer,Sultan Mosque is surely one of those places in Singapore which will surely take you off your feat. A complete unique and picturesque image of this mosque will leave you nothing but awe-struck. Located along North Bridge it is usually crowded on Fridays,simply go there and make the most of this famous mosque whenever you feel like. There are also a lot of cafes and non veg eateries that are decked up alongside this mosque which will offer you some authentic non veg food which simply goes unmatched. During Ramadan this mosque and the nearby market area is thronged up with visitors. The gold dome and beige walls are nonetheless oing to make you appreciate this beauty even more. Many soveigners near the mosque just add a rich dimension to the mosque.



The view that you get from tis place may not be the best but surely it makes you feel unique and awesome. The way it has been designed does make this place as an awesome place to be at. The bridge is very nice for long walks moreover this bridge even links Telok Blangah Hill and Mount Faber. From the bridge looking south you will see the South Harbor. This place is surely worth to spend a few hours at. Peaceful walks alongside in the midst of nature is what makes this place even more serene and special to be at. Considered to be the sunset point this place has been one of the most sought after places for all the tourist hangs.


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