Kerala – Green At The Heart

How often have you just wished to go out on a holiday with your family to Kerala tour, but due to certain reasons your dream of visiting Kerala has still remained as an unfulfilled dream. Won’t you like to go to Kerala this time and make your dream come true.

Kerala being a beautiful place has so much to offer that even a lifetime would seem less to you. Right from all the beautiful landscapes to the culture, tradition and food you are surely in for an experience that is going to bring a change in you. The heaven lies here and everything  seems vibrant and colourful. And with some interesting travel packages up for you how can you even think of missing a chance? The kerala tour packages will make you go weak on your knees and you have no other option left than to plan your journey to Kerala and then living out the planned journey when you are in Kerala. Doesn’t this sound quite amazing? From a wide range of places that Kerala has in store for its tourists. Here are some getaways that shouldn’t be missed :

Kerala - Green At The Heart

PERIYAR NATIONAL PARK : This is one of the most fascinating wild life reserves in India that makes for asplendid short break from the monotony of the daily life. With evergreen forests all around Periyar National Park is a tiger reserve which highlights the geomorphology, diversity of wildlife and scenic beauty, the Reserve being a major attraction for visitors from all round the globe. A major hub for the elephants,consider yourself lucky enough if you spot on some white tigers roaming here and there.

CHEMBRA PEAK : If you love heights and if you love trekking, i am sure this place would be on top of your list. Put on your trekking shoes as it is an ideal place for trekking with the highest peak in Wayanand. On the way to the top of the peak there is a heart shaped lake which is said to have never dried up is one of the major tourist attraction.

KOVALAM BEACH : Beaches are everyone’s favourite and when you are in Kerala you cannot shy away fr om making your way down to Kovalam Beach. Being a beach with an international recognition, there are crescent beaches that makes this beach so special. A massive rocky area in the middle of calm waters is  ideal for sea bathing.Life at this beach begins late in the day till the nights when the stars begin to timmer. Leisure options here includes massaging, swimming and herbal body toning which will make you feel relaxed till your nerves.

EDAKKAL CAVES : Edakkal Caves have continued to remain as a matter of mystery for the historians and archeologists. It is a dwelling that showcases nature’s skill and philosophy on architecture and you have to trek to about 4000 ft up a mountain to reach the place. The upward  trekking on the  hill,comes  with coffee plantations, which is surely  worth an experience and it takes almost 45 minutes to climb till the peak. The scenic landscape around and the cool breeze that carries the aroma of coffee will surely make your journey an unforgettable one. With a vast range of beauty all over and interesting travel packages who wouldn’t like to plan a holiday to Kerala tour. I am sure you are smart enough to plan a holiday trip and grab over some interesting travel packages.

Author’s Bio : The author of this article is a traveller and loves to find out about the beautiful places in this world.


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