A Place Like No Other- Bhutan

If vacation is all that you are looking forward to then Bhutan serves up to be an awesome place for you. Filled up with monasteries amidst mountains, this place will never let you be bored. Be it humans or the place itself, both of them do their own talking and it feels nothing less than a magic to be here. All said and done, let Bhutan Tour Packages be great enough to take you on a roll to this place where awesomeness exists. Here is a guide of few places which can really be the best of all :

NATIONAL MEMORIAL CHORTEN : A Tibetan styled chorten which is one of the most famous spot of religious gathering in Thimpu. Built as a memorial for the third king, there are a large no of elderly people and children who visit this memorial early mornings.

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WEEKEND MARKET : This can serve as a perfect place for your weekend street side shopping as it is thronged along the west bank of Wang Chhu. Here you can always find some impressive and extensive kinds of your favourite items right from something to eat to something to take back to your home.

Weekend market

TOWER OF TRONGSA : This watchtower (ta dzong ) overlooking the dzong now houses an excellent museum. The five floors of displays focus on Buddhist art and royal memorabilia, including such varied treasures as the 500-year-old jacket of Ngagi Wangchuk and the football boots used by the teenaged fourth king. You can drive here or walk up a steep staircase from town.

LEUGE ROWE : This lovely and little-visited lhakhang at the far northern end of the valley offers a fine half-day hike. The chapel is named ‘Sheeps Horns’ after the sacred horn prints and hoof prints on the cave roof. Pilgrims walk under the roof’s nine mandalas and make a wish

Author’s Bio : The author of this article is Vishal whose passion is to travel and eat and wishes to explore every corner of Bhutan one day and also says that Bhutan Tour Packages is an excellent nut to crack.


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