Dubai: 5 Places Every Traveler Must See in This City

Dubai, a destination everyone would have heard of is no doubt one of the best places across the globe. This internationally prominent and popular city is one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Traveling is something that everyone probably loves and it is something that sure does bring a lot of happiness, joy and good memories to us. When choosing Dubai as your travel destination you just cannot go wrong and well with good Dubai tour packages from Mumbai you can plan an excellent holiday.

Dubai is a vibrant city, which is full if energy and the people here are always looking forward to fun. This place has a long list of attractions to offer and every traveler would find something interesting for sure. From mad made marvels to luxury, entertainment and natural serenities like the desert and the beaches, Dubai has it all. For a traveler there are enough reasons to love Dubai tour packages from Mumbai.

Dubai has several attractions. There is a long list of places worth exploring. Out of all of them, here are 5 places every traveler must see in this city.

The Bhurj Khalifa :-
One of the world’s most talked about structure, the Bhurj Khalifa is an amazing work of advanced engineering and ultra modern architecture. With the whooping height of 2,277 ft. it is the tallest building in the world. Visit it for a great experience.

Ski Dubai :-
Staying true to the fact that Dubai is a place where everything can be possible, here is an artificial ski resort in the city with a desert. Dubai’s ski park is an exciting destination and offers a lot of fun with adventure.

The Jumeira beach :-
Who would not enjoy a beach on a holiday? Dubai’s Jumeira beach is a really nice hang out place and is very beautiful. Time spent here is sure to be worth it and there is something nice for every age group.

The Dubai Mall :-
One of the largest malls in the world, the Dubai Mall is amongst the most popular attractions in Dubai. This famous address has around 1200 shops and 22 cinema screens along with a lot of other options for entertainment. Dubai Mall is sure to be fun.

The Palm Islands :
Dubai’s Palm islands are amongst the most talked about engineering marvels. The Palm Islands are artificially made islands using land reclamation techniques. It would be great to experience something like this.

These places are not all that Dubai has got. There is a lot more in store. You can also look forward to exploring other interesting places like the Wild Wadi Water Park, which would be fun for all. You can also plan for a desert safari, which would be a very different experience for sure. There is indeed a lot you can do on Dubai tour packages from Mumbai.

Pick from places you feel interested in and plan well so that you enjoy to the fullest. Something like Dubai tour packages from flamingo can be a good way to plan.

About the Author :- “Samir” the Author of this post is an entrepreneur who loves to travel and in this post, he has shared some really nice tips for Dubai tour packages from Mumbai.


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