Ideal Destinations for a Romantic Honeymoon Tour

There is something really special about traveling which helps people bond so well. Especially in the case of a honeymoon, two people who are about to begin their lives together go to a holiday destination in order to feel at ease with each other’s constant company and spend quality time together. Right from sharing a meal with each other or walking around a small town, every moment of the honeymoon tour packages is very precious. In order to make such a trip even more memorable, it is important to choose the destinations wisely. In order to help one in doing so, here we have some ideal destinations for a honeymoon.

1. Serengeti National Park, Talzania

banner-image-serengeti-introThis is the ideal place for a couple who just does not want to stay in the hotel premises all day but instead want a once in a lifetime experience. The adventurous activities and safaris in this national park make it a place to brag about as each experience is different from the other. One can spot a parade of elephants while taking a dip in the pool or just indulge in the luxury of a spa. The most unique part of your honeymoon tour would be having a candle-lit dinner at such a location.

2. Lagos, Portugal


Famous for its surfing and its beaches, this is a great place for the tropical place lovers. The seafood over here is known throughout the continent which ensures the availability of high-quality eateries at this location. The best part about this place is that it has a low-key vibe and is not affected by the tourists. Lagos promises a fun nightlife experience with some comfortable yet attractive hotels. Try out the small boutique hotels if you want to stay in a place that is different than the typical hotels one can find in a metropolitan city.

3. Croatia


This destination is one of the most romantic places in the entire Europe. The mountainous beaches of Vis are a major attraction as the clear water attracts everyone to enjoy this beautiful place. One place which should not be missed out over here is Fort George, a converted military fort which is now a gallery, restaurant and bar. This region has some of the most exquisite wine of Europe which is available in this fort as well.

4. British Columbia, Canada


British Columbia is well known for its beautiful landscape, great food and an eclectic appeal of the place. The main attractions in this place on the honeymoon tour packages are the Whistler’s slopes and Vancouver’s Island. These places have an artsy vibe. For a great romantic activity, one should charter a boat to enjoy the scenery.

Author’s Note

The author of this article, Mangalika, wishes to visit such beautiful places soon as each of these locations guarantee to please your soul.






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