New Zealand Tour: a perfect getaway from modern life

As this world is heating up day by day environmentally as well as politically, take a breath of sigh, New Zealand tour is to your rescue. This green, calm, accepting, uncrowded place is an ultimate escape plan for your daily worries and also a solution for your perfect vacation plan. The ease of travel is definitely found here with roads always in shape, buses and trains running right on time. Other common frustrations and worries will also negate with proliferating ATMs, less or no pickpockets, scam merchants, bug filled beds in hostels. And also the food here is least likely to make you rush to the nearest toilet, which again are always clean and provided with enough paper to help you. Also there are no poisonous snakes, only one spider that is poisonous- the rare Katipo, which is again seen very rarely. All of this makes this place a decent one with less jitters and more comfort to make your trip worthwhile and not to make you just endure through the trip. Also take a look at a few things to include in your New Zealand package from Mumbai



Big in reputation but small in size, Wellington, NZ’s cultural as well as constitutional capital, is infamous for it’s unfavorable weather with strong winds. It lies on a geological fault. Also dealing with city’s one-way traffic system might leave you enraged but don’t be discouraged yet. These are all small hiccups on the city’s plenty trump cards. Beginning with it beauty, the beautiful Victorian timber architecture embraces the bushy hillside of city along the harbor. There are waterfront pavements, hilltop lookouts and uneven shorelines to its south. Downtown is the small central business district filled with museums, galleries, theaters and boutiques. People here look all beaten up like they’ve staying up all nights to pour some life into that canvas. Apart from all these some compulsory Wellington accessories include skateboards, tattoos and beards.



This is the city of many lovers, unlike Paris, which is the city of love. Its Māori name is Tāmaki Makaurau. The lovers so much loved and desired this place that they fought over this piece of land for centuries. This place is really geographically blessed and appealing as it has two seas framing a narrow isthmus, elaborated by volcanic cones further surrounded by fertile farmland. You are never too far away from water due to its surf beaches in west coast and Hauraki Gulf including myriad islands. There are also rainforests, wildlife reserve, thermal springs and wineries. You won’t be surprised to know that Auckland is regularly rated amongst the top cities in the world for livability and quality of life.

Hauraki Gulf islands


This Gulf stretches between Auckland and Coromandel peninsula, is decorated with motu islands and also gives a tough competition to the bay of islands in matter of beauty. Some islands are only a day’s trip away from the city, the volcanic Rangitoto, wine soaked Waiheke are a few islands you shouldn’t miss at all. The Great barrier reefs require a little too much effort and cost a little bit too much, but is a perfect getaway from the modern life and surely will take you to the nirvana. The Hauraki marine park is a herd of more than 50 islands, which are broadly categorized into recreation islands, which can be visited and their shores are usually filled with yachts in summertime. The other category one is conservation, which cannot be visited by everyone and requires special permissions to go there, and a few of which are always kept closed in order to make bloom and preserve certain flora and fauna, especially birds.




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