Top places that prove New Zealand tour is a perfect mix of nature and urban art

New Zealand is a photogenic and friendly country that offers its visitors a lot of chances for exploration and adventure. These rough islands flaunt dense forests, beaches, mountains, glaciers, fiords, and thermal regions that have been properly preserved and maintained by the nature loving locals and the government. New Zealand is an island country where you can literally experience the untouched nature in its most raw form, unharmed by the modern world. This is what makes it a very special place and a place where most people tend to find nirvana. A place just as beautiful as the one we see in the fairytales. All of these along with a modern touch of metropolitan cities. This heavenly island has something for everyone. Below are a few places you must keep in your mind before leaving for your [New Zealand tour packages].

Coromandel peninsula


The peninsula on the northeastern frontier is famous for it’s white and golden sand beaches that make up for great coastal scenery, lush forests make a perfect destination for a day or two’s exploration and other many natural wonders. You can begin your trip from the city of Thames, a small picturesque city that is rich in gold and history. A very strongly recommended stop is at the hot water beach, where people make their own hot pool by digging the soil.

Abel Tasman National Park


If you’re looking for a place with least of pollution, you are looking forward to this place. It is located on the northern end of the southern island of the country. It is a hiker’s dream they say. Vehicles are not allowed in this are, that’s what makes this area free of pollution and makes the air as fresh as it could be. You can enter on your feet, by a ferry or a small plane. While navigating the mountainous topography, blue penguins, oystercatchers, wekas, wood penguins and many other rare birds can be spotted.

Sky Tower


This is an observatory and a communication tower placed in the largest city of the New Zealand, at a height of 328m this tower is the tallest free standing arrangement in the southern hemisphere and stands tall as a jewel in the Auckland’s skyline. This tower offers views of places as far as 80km and also a fine dine experience at the orbit-revolving restaurant.



This is a small coastal town on the south island is a treat for all the food lovers out there on a food spree. You can feast on a lot of different types of seafood like, crayfish, blue cod, mussels and many more. You can always go on spotting the fur seals, sperm whales, dolphins, and albatrosses of the shore. Those people who love the terrestrial terrain can go on a walk to the untamed and vivid forests of Kaikoura forest.

Franz Josef Glacier


This is the world’s most accessible glacier and is located in the southwest within Westland National Park. You can take a helicopter ride or even walk up to the top of the astounding ice age remains. Along with the Fox glacier, it makes one of the south Westland’s major attractions for tourists.

Napier Art Deco


Napier is a small city on the North Island’s east coast in Hawke’s bay. It is well known for its art deco architecture. This city was mixed into soil with the earthquake of 1931. And the rebuild period was during the art deco era that’s why it has the most distinct architecture from any other city in the world. The art deco weekend attracts thousand of tourists every year in February, which is an even that flaunts its style, picnics, vintage cars, and soapbox derby.



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