5 tips for taking out stress from travel

Planning in advance is the key to a stressful trip ahead. It might seem a big challenge, but you need to be aware of all the contingencies, helping you take action before it actually happens. Imagine, losing your luggage. What will you do? Or even worse, if you, or your family member, or your friend gets sick, you might get yourself in big trouble.

Having a proactive approach can reduce the possibility of a serious crisis big time. This is especially true in case of Bhutan tour packages, wherein you are completely unaware of the place. There are certain tips to follow for making your travel stress free, and making more enjoyable in turn.


a. Work on the budgeting part

Travel needs to be cheap, so that you can walk freely, and move about places enjoying them freely. Decide upon a maximum limit which you can afford, and then start searching for deals accordingly. You can do by means of a travel agent, or go online for booking things. Great bargains and deals are present just about everywhere, which you need to find. You should be not taking out your credit card or debit card, while on a leisure trip.

b. Packing should be light with minimal things

You are away from your home, and that’s why you need to realize that you have to take important necessary things with you such as bathing suit, shoes, toothbrush, and similar other things. Do not pack things in a rush. Think about what all will be needed, and accordingly pack things. Documents are the most important part of travel. Have a checklist of things to carry in short term travel, and the same for long term travel.

c. Have all your belongings protected at one place

It is bad to get paranoid while travelling. It can be frustrating if you are losing out important things on travel. You need to put most important stuff deep down in your luggage. They should be placed in such a way that they remain packed wonderfully, with everything remaining in sight. Have all the important information, emergency numbers, medical insurance, traveler’s checks, credit card numbers, etc. at one place to have things organized.

d. Lock your house well before going to a holiday

If you are worried about your home even while on a trip, you are surely not going to the fullest. A few simple precautionary measures can safeguard your home wonderfully. Before you leave, inform your neighborhood to keep an eye on your house. Lock every single room well, especially the main door. Inform the newspaper delivery boys not to throw paper for the time being.

e. Trip needs to be insured with health safety intact

Most people forget their insurance policies before actually leaving for a holiday. It is especially important for overseas travel wherein insurance plays a major role. Ensuring coverage of personal liabilities is important. When packing for an expensive trip, you might encounter dangerous situations leading to unimaginable losses.


Put An End To Your Hunt For Adventurous Holidays Opting For Sikkim Tour packages

A holiday is all about exploring all the corners of a destination. Usually it includes sightseeing, visiting the attractions of the place, indulging into the cultures and festivals, shopping centers and many such aspects. However, what is an excursion if it doesn’t have some adrenaline pumping facets. Eventually, this becomes a prime factor for every destination if you are an adventurer isn’t it?


Well, if this is the point and in case you are in India then there are myriads of destinations which would quench your thirst for some jaw-dropping adventures. One such incredible Indian destination is Sikkim. Located in the laps of the Great Himalayan Ranges, this state is intensely blessed by nature. Once visited, you will have the opportunity to get more close to the beautiful nature observing the crescent views of the earth.

Sikkim offers several trekking options to those who get convinced only after reaching over the top of the mountain. Having one of the highest peaks of the world Kanchenjunga also known as K2 sometimes, it welcomes trekkers from all corners of the world. Check out some other provocative trekking options while being on your Sikkim tour packages.

Green Lake Trek


This is among the most preferable treks for the adventurers. If you wish to catch the spontaneous views of lofty mountains, birds, flowers, never seen flora and various other astonishing facades then head away to this trekking point. Apparently, if you are planning for a winter trek then this is the best time to visit Green Lake.

Kasturi Odar Trek


Another stunning trekking destination in Sikkim is Kasturi Odar. It takes 15 complete days to finish the entire trekking. On your trekking, you will also come across various other areas including the Talung Glacier, Kanchenjunga, Goecha La, Lamuni and others. Now, as this is the winter in most parts of the country, this place too becomes an ideal spot for the tourists

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek


For those who are dare devils and like to face even the toughest parts of the Mother Earth nature, this trek point becomes more noticeable for them. Other than being a difficult trekking point, Kanchenjunga base camp trek is also known for its attractive appearance as it provides some beautiful vistas of Sikkim.

Goecha La Trek


Forests, lakes and lush meadows make this place a striking creation by the nature. The path that leads towards Goecha la is accompanied by all of these points and once when you have finished your trekking, you will feel proud to select this spot for trekking.

The loveliness along with its magnificent trekking points makes Sikkim tours highly demanding that you actually expect from an adventurous holiday destination. Try this place for once.


Get flawed by a number of tourist attractions present in Australia tour packages

Australia is a wonderful destination, especially known for hygienic conditions, and famous for tourism worldwide. As a matter of fact, Australian cities are highly popular when it comes to quality of life that you live here and the various cultural offerings found here. When travelling here through Australia tour packages, you have tons of things to do starting from skyscrapers, architectural wonders, hill stations, attractive beaches, and more.

australia-tour-packagesBeing a homeland to multiple identities, and a diverse economy, it is not surprising to see Australia as a developed country. Whether are political rights, civil liberties, economic freedom, public education, life expectancy, health care, and quality of life, or human development index, Australia scores high on every single department.

So, what to see in Australia from a tourism perspective?

The various tourist attractions in Southern Australia

Sightseeing places in Australia include serenity and beauty in the surroundings which is a pleasure to watch. There are a number of tourist destinations present with the likes of National Parks, Murray River, Kangaroo Island, Outback, Wine Country, Barossa Valley, Adelaide, and more.

The various tourist attractions in Northern Australia

Since you find the original Australian population living on this side, you have a rich cultural history present in this particular region. Herein, the major sightseeing places cover crocodile farms, Kakadau National Park, Darwin, Alice Spings, Uluru Deseert, aboriginal culture, outback, etc.


This is a habitat wherein you find European migrants in majority and a number of tourist attraction with the likes of Freycinet, Cradle Mountain, Wildlife Parks, Wilderness, Gordon River, National Parks, World Heritage Area, Port Arthur, Tasman Peninsula, Hobart, and others.
New South Wales

The most popular state in Australia hosting famous destination of Sydney, and other tourist attractions in the form of Beaches, Museums, Hunter Valley Wine Country, Blue Mountains, Olympic Stadium, Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House, and more.


Another popular state in Australia including Mountains, Historical Towns, Yarra Valley Wine Country, Great Ocean Road, Gardens, Parks, Museums, Melbourne, etc. are the real charmers.


This is a state full of rare animals and beaches. Other popular attractions cover Warner Brothers, Wildlife, Sea World, Whale Watching, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Beaches, Tropical Rainforests, Whitsunday Islands, and Great Barrier Reef.

Western Australia

This is where you find Coral Bay, Broome, Desert, Fremantle, River Wine Country, Margaret, Monkey Mia, Perth, Aboriginal Culture, and Outback, attracting global travelers from across the world.


Perth is a popular city amongst travelers who are amazed by the overwhelming beauty of Australia, letting tourists fall for it.


Herein, all the political activities take place with travelers enjoying blossoming parks, and national monuments in the city of Canberra. Being a capital you will get to witness the actual political scenario, when you take a stroll around the city.

What places to visit first?

After looking at the number of places to visit, you are surely going to be confused on your trip to Australia tour packages, regarding what places to visit first.


Dubai: 5 reasons why visiting this city is fun

You surely have heard of this place called Dubai haven’t you? Well if you have then for sure it must be all good things and as a matter of fact, they all might be exactly true. Dubai, an emirate in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular tourist attractions around the world and it is not just the best city in the United Arab Emirates but also amongst the best in the world. If you are a traveler and if you want to enjoy a nice break from routine then set of on a trip to the amazing city of Dubai. Planning a visit to Dubai is easy with good Dubai tour packages.

There is a kind of magic that lies in the air of this place and surrounds it completely. Everyone over here is in search for fun and that is what makes it an interesting place to visit. Dubai has a lot to offer and it has something nice for every type of traveler coming here. Nature in the form of a desert is surely something really nice over here but it also has good beaches and lots of other entertainment options. Luxury in Dubai is a way of life. With so much to give, Dubai tour packages are sure to be loved.


Though there are several reasons why you must visit Dubai, here are 5 reasons why you must visit this lovely city.

Dubai is a vibrant city:
Yes indeed Dubai is a very energetic and vibrant destination. This city as said earlier is always looking forward to enjoying and having fun. There are so many events happening around the year and a visit here would not be dull for sure.

Dubai has the tallest building in the world:
You might have heard the name Bhurj Khalifa have you? Dubai’s Bhurj Khalifa is one of the most popular buildings in the world and for obvious reasons as it is indeed an iconic structure, which is also the tallest in the world. It stands at a height of 2,277 ft. You would love to see how this place looks in real.

Dubai is home to a lovely desert:
A desert is something you don’t find everywhere. Here in Dubai, you have one of the best deserts and you can actually enjoy it with some nice desert safari. Lots of thrill and entertainment awaits you there. A visit here would be very exciting and would make Dubai packages enjoyable.

Dubai is a land of luxury:
As said earlier in this article, luxury is a way of life in Dubai and if you want to experience the most lavish and luxurious life then Dubai is a place to head to. You name it and you have it as far as anything luxurious is concerned.

Dubai is a place for everyone:
Dubai has a really long list of attractions to offer and it is a place where every kind of visitor would find something that like. People of all age groups would enjoy Dubai package.

There are surely some strong reasons to visit Dubai but this not all. There is much more and something like Dubai tour packages from flamingo can help you plan well.

About the Author:
Harsh, the Author of this post has shared tips for Dubai tour packages from Mumbai.

New Zealand Tour: a perfect getaway from modern life

As this world is heating up day by day environmentally as well as politically, take a breath of sigh, New Zealand tour is to your rescue. This green, calm, accepting, uncrowded place is an ultimate escape plan for your daily worries and also a solution for your perfect vacation plan. The ease of travel is definitely found here with roads always in shape, buses and trains running right on time. Other common frustrations and worries will also negate with proliferating ATMs, less or no pickpockets, scam merchants, bug filled beds in hostels. And also the food here is least likely to make you rush to the nearest toilet, which again are always clean and provided with enough paper to help you. Also there are no poisonous snakes, only one spider that is poisonous- the rare Katipo, which is again seen very rarely. All of this makes this place a decent one with less jitters and more comfort to make your trip worthwhile and not to make you just endure through the trip. Also take a look at a few things to include in your New Zealand package from Mumbai



Big in reputation but small in size, Wellington, NZ’s cultural as well as constitutional capital, is infamous for it’s unfavorable weather with strong winds. It lies on a geological fault. Also dealing with city’s one-way traffic system might leave you enraged but don’t be discouraged yet. These are all small hiccups on the city’s plenty trump cards. Beginning with it beauty, the beautiful Victorian timber architecture embraces the bushy hillside of city along the harbor. There are waterfront pavements, hilltop lookouts and uneven shorelines to its south. Downtown is the small central business district filled with museums, galleries, theaters and boutiques. People here look all beaten up like they’ve staying up all nights to pour some life into that canvas. Apart from all these some compulsory Wellington accessories include skateboards, tattoos and beards.



This is the city of many lovers, unlike Paris, which is the city of love. Its Māori name is Tāmaki Makaurau. The lovers so much loved and desired this place that they fought over this piece of land for centuries. This place is really geographically blessed and appealing as it has two seas framing a narrow isthmus, elaborated by volcanic cones further surrounded by fertile farmland. You are never too far away from water due to its surf beaches in west coast and Hauraki Gulf including myriad islands. There are also rainforests, wildlife reserve, thermal springs and wineries. You won’t be surprised to know that Auckland is regularly rated amongst the top cities in the world for livability and quality of life.

Hauraki Gulf islands


This Gulf stretches between Auckland and Coromandel peninsula, is decorated with motu islands and also gives a tough competition to the bay of islands in matter of beauty. Some islands are only a day’s trip away from the city, the volcanic Rangitoto, wine soaked Waiheke are a few islands you shouldn’t miss at all. The Great barrier reefs require a little too much effort and cost a little bit too much, but is a perfect getaway from the modern life and surely will take you to the nirvana. The Hauraki marine park is a herd of more than 50 islands, which are broadly categorized into recreation islands, which can be visited and their shores are usually filled with yachts in summertime. The other category one is conservation, which cannot be visited by everyone and requires special permissions to go there, and a few of which are always kept closed in order to make bloom and preserve certain flora and fauna, especially birds.