5 Ways Getting Out Of Holiday Mood To Resume Your Life – Flamingo

It is always a hard time to get past the holiday mood, especially when you have to resume your work quickly after coming back from a vacation. Imagine, meeting your friends after back from a Bhutan tour packages, and discussing about how great was it is to visit a range of monasteries, tiger cave temple, and more.


There have been situations like this happening frequently with children wherein after coming back from vacation, they go to school for few days, and then comes again a vacation of weeks. In such a scenario, it is so natural for the children being stubborn to go to school anyhow.

So how to deal with post holiday blues going through your mind and heart? Let us know how to overcome this by following some simple tips.

Relive your vacation again in your own city

It is best to do all those things again in your own city, which you did on your vacation. Of course everything won’t be possible directly. However, you can opt for indirect way to do this. As an example, if you are missing a beach, go to the river or lake present in your city, and try to get similar kind of feel. If you are missing a mountain, try to go at a snow-park and get the artificial experience. This way you can get used to your routine sooner.

Get yourself busy with different activities

Going to swimming, clubs, movies, lunches, dinners, or other entertainment centers, can help you overcome the situation in a lot more faster way. You can also follow your hobbies of reading books, playing sports, or more to keep yourself busy.

Eat well, drink well, sleep well, and breathe well

Believe it or not but all these things do matter. Maintaining right kind of health condition is important physically and mentally. When you take proper meals, have right kind of liquid intakes, sleep a good number of hours, or do frequent yoga or meditation, you are preparing your body to live to the fullest.

Meet up the friends regularly

Nothing is better than having regular hangouts with friends, making you feel you are living each day like a vacation.

Plan the next trip right away

Another trip is a wonderful replacement for the trip you have already completed. Excitement involved in planning for the next trip will help you in overcoming low spirits related with completion of past trip.


Top places that prove New Zealand tour is a perfect mix of nature and urban art

New Zealand is a photogenic and friendly country that offers its visitors a lot of chances for exploration and adventure. These rough islands flaunt dense forests, beaches, mountains, glaciers, fiords, and thermal regions that have been properly preserved and maintained by the nature loving locals and the government. New Zealand is an island country where you can literally experience the untouched nature in its most raw form, unharmed by the modern world. This is what makes it a very special place and a place where most people tend to find nirvana. A place just as beautiful as the one we see in the fairytales. All of these along with a modern touch of metropolitan cities. This heavenly island has something for everyone. Below are a few places you must keep in your mind before leaving for your [New Zealand tour packages].

Coromandel peninsula


The peninsula on the northeastern frontier is famous for it’s white and golden sand beaches that make up for great coastal scenery, lush forests make a perfect destination for a day or two’s exploration and other many natural wonders. You can begin your trip from the city of Thames, a small picturesque city that is rich in gold and history. A very strongly recommended stop is at the hot water beach, where people make their own hot pool by digging the soil.

Abel Tasman National Park


If you’re looking for a place with least of pollution, you are looking forward to this place. It is located on the northern end of the southern island of the country. It is a hiker’s dream they say. Vehicles are not allowed in this are, that’s what makes this area free of pollution and makes the air as fresh as it could be. You can enter on your feet, by a ferry or a small plane. While navigating the mountainous topography, blue penguins, oystercatchers, wekas, wood penguins and many other rare birds can be spotted.

Sky Tower


This is an observatory and a communication tower placed in the largest city of the New Zealand, at a height of 328m this tower is the tallest free standing arrangement in the southern hemisphere and stands tall as a jewel in the Auckland’s skyline. This tower offers views of places as far as 80km and also a fine dine experience at the orbit-revolving restaurant.



This is a small coastal town on the south island is a treat for all the food lovers out there on a food spree. You can feast on a lot of different types of seafood like, crayfish, blue cod, mussels and many more. You can always go on spotting the fur seals, sperm whales, dolphins, and albatrosses of the shore. Those people who love the terrestrial terrain can go on a walk to the untamed and vivid forests of Kaikoura forest.

Franz Josef Glacier


This is the world’s most accessible glacier and is located in the southwest within Westland National Park. You can take a helicopter ride or even walk up to the top of the astounding ice age remains. Along with the Fox glacier, it makes one of the south Westland’s major attractions for tourists.

Napier Art Deco


Napier is a small city on the North Island’s east coast in Hawke’s bay. It is well known for its art deco architecture. This city was mixed into soil with the earthquake of 1931. And the rebuild period was during the art deco era that’s why it has the most distinct architecture from any other city in the world. The art deco weekend attracts thousand of tourists every year in February, which is an even that flaunts its style, picnics, vintage cars, and soapbox derby.


Is it a big deal getting a sponsored job in Australia?


Australia being at hub for a wealth of job opportunities, many people across the globe are trying to get answer for their only question, “How do I get a sponsored job letting me to settle down in Australia?” The answer is tricky enough, but once you understand you are all set to go.

Finding an Australian sponsor is not complex but one hell of a difficult task to accomplish. Majority of them opt for newspaper adverts, or log on to online job boards. However, believe it or not only 30% of actual jobs are listed here, with remaining 70% found in hidden job market without any adverts on usual advertising channels.

The discussion we are going to get into, might not guarantee you a sponsored job in Australia, but will do help you go through a systematic process, increasing your chances largely of getting immigrated to Australia.

Thorough research is the key

Australian employers usually do not prefer to sponsor someone from overseas. The reason is evident. Why would they recruit someone from outside the country if they find the same within the limits? Recruiting someone from within the country will save upon a great deal on the time factor for the person to immigrate and start working, the cost involved for the immigration process, and additional cost for the sponsorship process.

The best way to go about is search for your favorite topmost companies in Australia; visit the careers section on their website or contact them in person; inquire them about current or future opportunities if any; and finally submit your resume on their website so that you remain in their database for being the point of contact in future.

Think of visiting Australia once a while

As soon as you have accumulated a comprehensive list of top notch companies, opt for [Australia tour packages], so that you mix leisure with work by visiting those companies and meeting up their HR managers or top management in person. Whether, you have been given an appointment or not, ensure to visit them all during your tour, so that you at least get in front of them. If your luck clicks the right way, you might be offered a sponsored job, as they would be willing to trust a person more whom they have seen or met.

Approach nonprofit organizations to line up volunteering work

Before planning your tour to Australia, get together a list of nonprofit organizations operating there. Do as much volunteering work as you can while on a visit or a tour. This will help you build a nice volunteering experience, increasing your credibility and chances in front of Australian companies.

Go for an Australian student visa

This is probably the most easiest and preferred way of majority people. Getting on a student visa to Australia, working on flex hours, and simultaneously finding out sponsored employment there is a nice way to get into the Aussies shoes. Most foreign nationals do this, and have successfully been able to settle down there, by going on a student visa, and then later on changing on the visa status to sponsored employment, helping them to settle down there and then itself.

Things to conclude

Settling down in [Australia Tour Packages From Mumbai] is certainly hard but not impossible. You just need to follow the above footsteps systematically, and wait for the right time when your luck will strike back.


Experience the real charm of Himalayan tourism by taking up a Darjeeling Sikkim Tour

Sikkim and Darjeeling are two highly popular destinations in close proximities to each other, a pride of North East India. What you see are a range of natural beauty offerings in the form of diverse flora and fauna, green sprawling tea estates, snow-capped mountain peaks, making both ideal destinations to visit together. Not just these two, but also visit the glorious Kalimpong, to make this trip a threesome trip to complete. Pick the best Darjeeling as well as Sikkim tour packages from Mumbai or Ahmedabad, whichever convenient and get yourself an ideal experience of life. Let us have a brief discussion on both, and know why you should visit them.


It is a beautiful hill station in the lap of West Bengal, giving you a magnificent view of Kanchenjunga. It has attracted globe trotters worldwide wherein people can explore the true North Eastern beauty. Pick any resort or hotel here and you would be able to see the third highest mountain peak in the world i.e. Kanchenjunga.


Darjeeling Toy Train is something not to be missed, declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Riding on a toy train will give you a picturesque view of not just the hill town, but the surrounding beautiful nature as well. Major attractions include Darjeeling Zoo, Tiger Hills, Darjeeling Museum, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, beautiful tea estates of Happy Valley, Batasia Loop, Botanical Garden, Zoological Garden, Ropeway, Ganga Maya Park, Rock Garden, Toy Train, etc.


It is a beautiful state bringing you closer to the Himalayan paradise and in close proximity to West Bengal where Darjeeling is based. Other than the picturesque views, you can enjoy sports activities, tropical forests, Buddhist monasteries, and many more things. Buddhism is something that makes Sikkim one of the greatest destinations to visit.


Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim, and another major tourist destination city just like Darjeeling in West Bengal. You can plan both states of West Bengal and Sikkim, and can easily travel to Gangtok from Darjeeling. The drive between these two cities is something to cherish and taken experience of. Zigzag roads within the hills give a chilling effect in your body. The major attractions of Gangtok are Rumtek Monastery, Pelling, Khechepalri Lake, Tsomgo Lake, etc. You can also go to Pelling, a small place in Sikkim near to Gangtok, wherein you get breathtaking view of the Himalayas.

Top 5 Honeymoon Tour Packages Worldwide

Honeymoon Tour is an important event that takes place after marriage, which helps the newly wed couple, build a better bonding and understanding as they relax and spend quality time together. In order to make this a cherishable trip, some pre-planning is required. The most difficult task is to decide which place is apt for your Honeymoon? So here are top 5 honeymoon tour packages, which will help, you decide your dream destination.



Bora Bora Island is the most romantic getaway for newly weds as just one visit makes you forever enamored. It is located northwest of Tahiti, less than an hour of journey by plane from Papeete. It is known for their spectacular floating bungalows and Villas, which have glass floor that gives the surreal view of the marine life beneath. Few adventures couples can indulge in are – diving, cruising, fishing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, Jet Skiing, and obviously ray and shark feeding. You can also take your experience to new heights by parasailing, skydiving, or touring the island by helicopter and enjoy the beauty of this heavenly place.



Bali, famous for its beautiful beaches is one of the most visited tourist place specially by the newly weds. The main tourist locations are- The kuta beach which is a must visit if you are in Bali, and its outer suburbs of Legian Seminyak, the town of Sanur, in the center of the island is Ubud. Some must-visit places in Bali are – the majestic ‘mother temple’ of Besakih, which has scenic beauty, which provides amazing opportunity for photos.



Cape town is covered with majestic beaches, wildlife, scenic beauty of wide landscapes and so much more. The classy Atlantic Bay houses which gives immense privacy to the newly wed with its five en-suite rooms. Go towards the magical ends of the earth with your beloved and take a 90-minute drive to Cape of Good Hope and Cape Agulhas, located in the southern parts of the African continent. On the way back, don’t forget to stop at the Boulders Beach to visit the beautiful colony of warm-weather penguins.



This isolated island is known for its alluring sunsets and pristine whitewashed villas. Couples can take a scooter ride towards the famous red and black sand beaches, checkout some ancient historical sites, stop at the stylish boutiques, visit wineries and also go hiking.



Get mesmerized in this city’s slow-paced serenity and relax in the cozy inns and the tree shaded historical streets. Must visit while you’re here are the charming horse rides and the 30 minute drive to Kayak amongst the dolphins off Tybee island. It is well known for its parks, horse-drawn carriages and beautiful antebellum architecture. Its cobble-stoned historic district is decorated with squares and parks like Forsyth Park, shaded by magnolia blossoms and oak trees covered with Spanish moss.