Is it a big deal getting a sponsored job in Australia?


Australia being at hub for a wealth of job opportunities, many people across the globe are trying to get answer for their only question, “How do I get a sponsored job letting me to settle down in Australia?” The answer is tricky enough, but once you understand you are all set to go.

Finding an Australian sponsor is not complex but one hell of a difficult task to accomplish. Majority of them opt for newspaper adverts, or log on to online job boards. However, believe it or not only 30% of actual jobs are listed here, with remaining 70% found in hidden job market without any adverts on usual advertising channels.

The discussion we are going to get into, might not guarantee you a sponsored job in Australia, but will do help you go through a systematic process, increasing your chances largely of getting immigrated to Australia.

Thorough research is the key

Australian employers usually do not prefer to sponsor someone from overseas. The reason is evident. Why would they recruit someone from outside the country if they find the same within the limits? Recruiting someone from within the country will save upon a great deal on the time factor for the person to immigrate and start working, the cost involved for the immigration process, and additional cost for the sponsorship process.

The best way to go about is search for your favorite topmost companies in Australia; visit the careers section on their website or contact them in person; inquire them about current or future opportunities if any; and finally submit your resume on their website so that you remain in their database for being the point of contact in future.

Think of visiting Australia once a while

As soon as you have accumulated a comprehensive list of top notch companies, opt for [Australia tour packages], so that you mix leisure with work by visiting those companies and meeting up their HR managers or top management in person. Whether, you have been given an appointment or not, ensure to visit them all during your tour, so that you at least get in front of them. If your luck clicks the right way, you might be offered a sponsored job, as they would be willing to trust a person more whom they have seen or met.

Approach nonprofit organizations to line up volunteering work

Before planning your tour to Australia, get together a list of nonprofit organizations operating there. Do as much volunteering work as you can while on a visit or a tour. This will help you build a nice volunteering experience, increasing your credibility and chances in front of Australian companies.

Go for an Australian student visa

This is probably the most easiest and preferred way of majority people. Getting on a student visa to Australia, working on flex hours, and simultaneously finding out sponsored employment there is a nice way to get into the Aussies shoes. Most foreign nationals do this, and have successfully been able to settle down there, by going on a student visa, and then later on changing on the visa status to sponsored employment, helping them to settle down there and then itself.

Things to conclude

Settling down in [Australia Tour Packages From Mumbai] is certainly hard but not impossible. You just need to follow the above footsteps systematically, and wait for the right time when your luck will strike back.



Top Luxurious Resorts of South Africa Tour for a Memorable Stay

It is an understood fact that every country in the world is diverse in some manner and this diversity appeals the traveler to visit the given country. But no place can offer the kind of diversity the way South Africa does. This is why a South Africa tour packages is absolutely worth the money spent. This is in context to the fact that South Africa offers an amalgamation of varied natural beauties along with the urban lifestyle. If one wants to enhance the experience of this place, there is one more way to do so. South Africa has some stunningly unique resorts which offer the ultimate holiday experience.840

San Lameer


This resort has one of the best tropical settings in the entire country of South Africa. It has a championship golf course which gives the grand feel to the resort and a lagoon is flowing right in the heart of the San Lameer. Not only this but it also has to offer the Blue Flag Beaches where one can just sit back and enjoy the water body. This resort has gained popularity among the foreign tourists as it is easily accessible from all parts of South Africa. One can either rent a villa over here or even a hotel room, this resort offer accommodation at all prices.



The Zimbali resort is considered to be the most magnificent resort in all of South Africa. It is spread across a great estate located on the northern coastline of KZN. Some people also call it the most lavish resort of this place as it offers all the luxuries and facilities that one can even imagine. Another major plus point of this resort is that there are various tourist attractions in the vicinity of this resort. The resort town of Balito which is a lively place is just five minutes away and the city of Durban is less than half an hour away.

Pumula Beach Hotel


Set at 100 km. from the city of Durban on the south coast of Natal, this sub-tropical resort is a famous holiday destination for couples as well as families. It is very popular for fancy destination weddings as well. The accommodation offered here is varied; one can select the unending sea view or the spectacular garden view. The food here is lip-smacking good. The children are taken care of as they have a separate dining area and ample of activities which would keep them busy. It also has a private beach where one can enjoy various water activities like dolphin and whale watching, fishing, swimming, beach volleyball etc.

Dolphin Holiday Resort


This resort is the most famous one for a family vacation. The amazing family camping resort is situated close to Ballito. The location of this resort is absolutely appropriate as it is in the midst of a sub-tropical forest which is next to a beach where one can easily spot dolphins from the coastline itself. The resort is close enough to the rest of the civilization of the place so that everyone can enjoy wandering in such places and at the same time it’s at a serene spot.

Author’s Note

The author of this article, Mangalika, believes that along with great travel, one should also enjoy self-indulgence.





Dubai: 5 reasons why visiting this city is fun

You surely have heard of this place called Dubai haven’t you? Well if you have then for sure it must be all good things and as a matter of fact, they all might be exactly true. Dubai, an emirate in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular tourist attractions around the world and it is not just the best city in the United Arab Emirates but also amongst the best in the world. If you are a traveler and if you want to enjoy a nice break from routine then set of on a trip to the amazing city of Dubai. Planning a visit to Dubai is easy with good Dubai tour packages.

There is a kind of magic that lies in the air of this place and surrounds it completely. Everyone over here is in search for fun and that is what makes it an interesting place to visit. Dubai has a lot to offer and it has something nice for every type of traveler coming here. Nature in the form of a desert is surely something really nice over here but it also has good beaches and lots of other entertainment options. Luxury in Dubai is a way of life. With so much to give, Dubai tour packages are sure to be loved.


Though there are several reasons why you must visit Dubai, here are 5 reasons why you must visit this lovely city.

Dubai is a vibrant city:
Yes indeed Dubai is a very energetic and vibrant destination. This city as said earlier is always looking forward to enjoying and having fun. There are so many events happening around the year and a visit here would not be dull for sure.

Dubai has the tallest building in the world:
You might have heard the name Bhurj Khalifa have you? Dubai’s Bhurj Khalifa is one of the most popular buildings in the world and for obvious reasons as it is indeed an iconic structure, which is also the tallest in the world. It stands at a height of 2,277 ft. You would love to see how this place looks in real.

Dubai is home to a lovely desert:
A desert is something you don’t find everywhere. Here in Dubai, you have one of the best deserts and you can actually enjoy it with some nice desert safari. Lots of thrill and entertainment awaits you there. A visit here would be very exciting and would make Dubai packages enjoyable.

Dubai is a land of luxury:
As said earlier in this article, luxury is a way of life in Dubai and if you want to experience the most lavish and luxurious life then Dubai is a place to head to. You name it and you have it as far as anything luxurious is concerned.

Dubai is a place for everyone:
Dubai has a really long list of attractions to offer and it is a place where every kind of visitor would find something that like. People of all age groups would enjoy Dubai package.

There are surely some strong reasons to visit Dubai but this not all. There is much more and something like Dubai tour packages from flamingo can help you plan well.

About the Author:
Harsh, the Author of this post has shared tips for Dubai tour packages from Mumbai.

New Zealand Tour: a perfect getaway from modern life

As this world is heating up day by day environmentally as well as politically, take a breath of sigh, New Zealand tour is to your rescue. This green, calm, accepting, uncrowded place is an ultimate escape plan for your daily worries and also a solution for your perfect vacation plan. The ease of travel is definitely found here with roads always in shape, buses and trains running right on time. Other common frustrations and worries will also negate with proliferating ATMs, less or no pickpockets, scam merchants, bug filled beds in hostels. And also the food here is least likely to make you rush to the nearest toilet, which again are always clean and provided with enough paper to help you. Also there are no poisonous snakes, only one spider that is poisonous- the rare Katipo, which is again seen very rarely. All of this makes this place a decent one with less jitters and more comfort to make your trip worthwhile and not to make you just endure through the trip. Also take a look at a few things to include in your New Zealand package from Mumbai



Big in reputation but small in size, Wellington, NZ’s cultural as well as constitutional capital, is infamous for it’s unfavorable weather with strong winds. It lies on a geological fault. Also dealing with city’s one-way traffic system might leave you enraged but don’t be discouraged yet. These are all small hiccups on the city’s plenty trump cards. Beginning with it beauty, the beautiful Victorian timber architecture embraces the bushy hillside of city along the harbor. There are waterfront pavements, hilltop lookouts and uneven shorelines to its south. Downtown is the small central business district filled with museums, galleries, theaters and boutiques. People here look all beaten up like they’ve staying up all nights to pour some life into that canvas. Apart from all these some compulsory Wellington accessories include skateboards, tattoos and beards.



This is the city of many lovers, unlike Paris, which is the city of love. Its Māori name is Tāmaki Makaurau. The lovers so much loved and desired this place that they fought over this piece of land for centuries. This place is really geographically blessed and appealing as it has two seas framing a narrow isthmus, elaborated by volcanic cones further surrounded by fertile farmland. You are never too far away from water due to its surf beaches in west coast and Hauraki Gulf including myriad islands. There are also rainforests, wildlife reserve, thermal springs and wineries. You won’t be surprised to know that Auckland is regularly rated amongst the top cities in the world for livability and quality of life.

Hauraki Gulf islands


This Gulf stretches between Auckland and Coromandel peninsula, is decorated with motu islands and also gives a tough competition to the bay of islands in matter of beauty. Some islands are only a day’s trip away from the city, the volcanic Rangitoto, wine soaked Waiheke are a few islands you shouldn’t miss at all. The Great barrier reefs require a little too much effort and cost a little bit too much, but is a perfect getaway from the modern life and surely will take you to the nirvana. The Hauraki marine park is a herd of more than 50 islands, which are broadly categorized into recreation islands, which can be visited and their shores are usually filled with yachts in summertime. The other category one is conservation, which cannot be visited by everyone and requires special permissions to go there, and a few of which are always kept closed in order to make bloom and preserve certain flora and fauna, especially birds.



Experience the real charm of Himalayan tourism by taking up a Darjeeling Sikkim Tour

Sikkim and Darjeeling are two highly popular destinations in close proximities to each other, a pride of North East India. What you see are a range of natural beauty offerings in the form of diverse flora and fauna, green sprawling tea estates, snow-capped mountain peaks, making both ideal destinations to visit together. Not just these two, but also visit the glorious Kalimpong, to make this trip a threesome trip to complete. Pick the best Darjeeling as well as Sikkim tour packages from Mumbai or Ahmedabad, whichever convenient and get yourself an ideal experience of life. Let us have a brief discussion on both, and know why you should visit them.


It is a beautiful hill station in the lap of West Bengal, giving you a magnificent view of Kanchenjunga. It has attracted globe trotters worldwide wherein people can explore the true North Eastern beauty. Pick any resort or hotel here and you would be able to see the third highest mountain peak in the world i.e. Kanchenjunga.


Darjeeling Toy Train is something not to be missed, declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Riding on a toy train will give you a picturesque view of not just the hill town, but the surrounding beautiful nature as well. Major attractions include Darjeeling Zoo, Tiger Hills, Darjeeling Museum, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, beautiful tea estates of Happy Valley, Batasia Loop, Botanical Garden, Zoological Garden, Ropeway, Ganga Maya Park, Rock Garden, Toy Train, etc.


It is a beautiful state bringing you closer to the Himalayan paradise and in close proximity to West Bengal where Darjeeling is based. Other than the picturesque views, you can enjoy sports activities, tropical forests, Buddhist monasteries, and many more things. Buddhism is something that makes Sikkim one of the greatest destinations to visit.


Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim, and another major tourist destination city just like Darjeeling in West Bengal. You can plan both states of West Bengal and Sikkim, and can easily travel to Gangtok from Darjeeling. The drive between these two cities is something to cherish and taken experience of. Zigzag roads within the hills give a chilling effect in your body. The major attractions of Gangtok are Rumtek Monastery, Pelling, Khechepalri Lake, Tsomgo Lake, etc. You can also go to Pelling, a small place in Sikkim near to Gangtok, wherein you get breathtaking view of the Himalayas.