Get flawed by a number of tourist attractions present in Australia tour packages

Australia is a wonderful destination, especially known for hygienic conditions, and famous for tourism worldwide. As a matter of fact, Australian cities are highly popular when it comes to quality of life that you live here and the various cultural offerings found here. When travelling here through Australia tour packages, you have tons of things to do starting from skyscrapers, architectural wonders, hill stations, attractive beaches, and more.

australia-tour-packagesBeing a homeland to multiple identities, and a diverse economy, it is not surprising to see Australia as a developed country. Whether are political rights, civil liberties, economic freedom, public education, life expectancy, health care, and quality of life, or human development index, Australia scores high on every single department.

So, what to see in Australia from a tourism perspective?

The various tourist attractions in Southern Australia

Sightseeing places in Australia include serenity and beauty in the surroundings which is a pleasure to watch. There are a number of tourist destinations present with the likes of National Parks, Murray River, Kangaroo Island, Outback, Wine Country, Barossa Valley, Adelaide, and more.

The various tourist attractions in Northern Australia

Since you find the original Australian population living on this side, you have a rich cultural history present in this particular region. Herein, the major sightseeing places cover crocodile farms, Kakadau National Park, Darwin, Alice Spings, Uluru Deseert, aboriginal culture, outback, etc.


This is a habitat wherein you find European migrants in majority and a number of tourist attraction with the likes of Freycinet, Cradle Mountain, Wildlife Parks, Wilderness, Gordon River, National Parks, World Heritage Area, Port Arthur, Tasman Peninsula, Hobart, and others.
New South Wales

The most popular state in Australia hosting famous destination of Sydney, and other tourist attractions in the form of Beaches, Museums, Hunter Valley Wine Country, Blue Mountains, Olympic Stadium, Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House, and more.


Another popular state in Australia including Mountains, Historical Towns, Yarra Valley Wine Country, Great Ocean Road, Gardens, Parks, Museums, Melbourne, etc. are the real charmers.


This is a state full of rare animals and beaches. Other popular attractions cover Warner Brothers, Wildlife, Sea World, Whale Watching, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Beaches, Tropical Rainforests, Whitsunday Islands, and Great Barrier Reef.

Western Australia

This is where you find Coral Bay, Broome, Desert, Fremantle, River Wine Country, Margaret, Monkey Mia, Perth, Aboriginal Culture, and Outback, attracting global travelers from across the world.


Perth is a popular city amongst travelers who are amazed by the overwhelming beauty of Australia, letting tourists fall for it.


Herein, all the political activities take place with travelers enjoying blossoming parks, and national monuments in the city of Canberra. Being a capital you will get to witness the actual political scenario, when you take a stroll around the city.

What places to visit first?

After looking at the number of places to visit, you are surely going to be confused on your trip to Australia tour packages, regarding what places to visit first.



Colors within the passport have a nationwide significance

Have you ever wondered why different passports with different colors? Every country has its own color representing the citizen of that particular nationality. You have a range of colors present such as dark green, emerald, juniper green, black, indigo, denim blue, wine red, dark blue, sangria red, light grey, and many more. So, you know the reason for different colors. However, why is it so?


Imagine, travelling on Australia tour packages, with dark blue colored passport handy with you. The security officials at the airport can make out that you are an Indian citizen, just from the color of your passport. A passport is the key to visit different nations all across the globe. Different colors represent your nationality, and make it easier for a quick security check procedure at the airport. So, where do all these colors come from? Let us find out.

Geographical Reasons

Countries use specific color based on the color of their geographical area.

Political Reasons

Some colors play a significant role in political scenario of specific countries, and hence the color.

Religious Reasons

Many colors play an important role from a religious perspective in most nations. Say for example green color has a tremendous significance in Islamic religion, as Prophet Muhammad favored the color. Therefore you will have green colored passports in Islamic countries and Middle East countries.

National Identity Reasons

Other nations choose color based on the character representing their national identity.

Which color belongs where?

  • As already discussed above, green represents Islamic significance and hence Islamic countries are biggest advocates. It is also represented by a few nations within Africa.
  • American passport and many Asian countries including India have blue color in it due to one or another cultural significance. As such the color represents meditation, relaxation, sky, water, oceans, and a new world altogether.
  • Many European countries prefer red color due to historical significance wherein red played a crucial role. Even burgundy is a common color to many other nations in Europe.
  • Although rare, black passports are found on many African nations, playing a prominent role for them. It is most used by people on diplomatic missions. Another color such as maroon stands same purpose, wherein both types of passports have validity of just 5 years.

So, you know now the reason behind your passport color!

Being an Indian, you might have chosen Australia tour packages from Mumbai, and visited different parts of Australia. It is not surprising to see Australian officials gauging your nationality from the color and name. This is just one facet among the many we have just discussed. So, now if anybody asks you why you have a blue colored passport, you can surely tell them the reason behind it.




Australia: A country with a lot of beauty

Traveling is something that makes you rich with experiences, learning and memories isn’t it? If you agree with this statement then you surely are someone who loves to explore and travel. In a world where we are blessed with so much of beauty and so many lovely places to visit it is indeed a great pleasure to travel. One of the best places to visit would be Australia. This is a country with a lot of beauty. If you are looking forward to taking a nice break and want to set off on a perfect holiday then going for an Australia tour is what you need.

Over here you can experience everything from amazing cities to serene natural landmarks. With great diversity and a demography that is so varied, Australia has a very long list of interesting, beautiful and mesmerizing sights, places to offer. There is no doubt on why travelers love going an Australia tour.

There are a lot of good destinations and a lot of wonderful things to do and see when in Australia. From the long list, here is a suggestion for you.

The Great Barrier Reef:

One of Australia’s most beautiful sights, The Great Barrier Reef is a unique sight to experience. It has the largest coral reef in the world. There are over 3000 reef systems and coral cays here. It contains an abundance of marine life and has so many beautiful tropical islands that have the perfect sun-soaked golden beaches.


This attractive destination also offers activities like scuba diving, dolphin watching, whale watching, boating, snorkeling and airplane and helicopter rides as well.

Reef-Heli rides

This beautiful place is indeed a very popular tourist destination and is a blessing to Australia. A visit to this remarkable natural wonder is sure to be fun on your Australia tour.


You can even look forward to visiting the Whitsunday islands, Sydney and Melbourne city. Visiting Australia is great fun and there is a lot to enjoy on an Australia tour. Plan nicely and choose from options, packages that suit you the most.

About the Author:

Harsh is a music lover, a student who shares his travel tips like he has shared tips in this post that are useful in planning an Australia tour.

Australia Tour – The Hassle-Free Tour with Great Convenience



Australia is a continent, and it is slightly smaller than the United States. So such a large country is bound to have a host of tourist attractions that are going to make you spell bound. Australia tour would be a nice way to cover the country. When you undertake Australia tour packages, you not only get to see the top destinations, but also the less impressive ones. A lot of historical and natural landscapes here attract global tourists.

Cable Beach:

It is one of the popular tourist destinations, and it is a stunning beach known for its white sands. In the event of you opting for a motorized transportation, the sands can be crossed in a four wheeled drive.

The Great Ocean:

The great ocean road located in Victoria is regarded as one of the beautiful rides in Australia. When you drive on this road, you can spot some of the beautiful wildlife in Australia, the kangaroos and some of the stunning scenery of the country.

Great Barrier Reef:

It is one of the known destinations for the water lovers and scuba divers. It has the world’s largest reef system and is known as the famous Great Barrier Reef. It covers an area of 2900 coral reefs along with hundreds of caves and highlands. As a part of Australia tour, the best way to explore the reef is through the boat cruises that run along the northern coast of Queensland. Though other towns offer cruise operations, Cairns is the main outlet to the reef.


It is among the top-ranked destinations in Australia. It is a sandstone formation that stands more than 340 meters. The main secularity of this masterpiece is that it is known to change color, at sunset. The color changes are from terra-cotta to blue, violet and red. In some ways, it is regarded as a sacred site.

So these are some of the top tourist destinations in Australia tour. The continent is easy to reach as almost all the major cities of Australia are connected to the rest of the world by airlines.

So rush to this dream place at the earliest!

Explore the Finest Traveling with Australia Packages



If you are planning to explore Australia package, make sure to look forward to the very best of experience in terms of scenic beauty that moves along the countryside as well as a touch of the rustic charm that make this country unique in its own term. Starting from breathtaking landscapes, wildlife and serene culture, Australia tour packages is one of the finest offerings for anyone who is adventurous at heart and is looking forward to have a fun filled trip, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Australia’s remote lands have a wide range of offering with the very best of flora and fauna. Some of the best places that one needs to visit during their tour of Australia include the following.

Kakadu National Park:

9616_ho_00This is exactly where the fun of Australia packages starts from. The Kakadu National Park, no matter what the month or the season, is left wide open for all travelers alike. The Park brings out the very spirit of great Australian outdoors and entices all travelers to bask into the beautiful surroundings with some of the rarely spotted animals like nowhere else on earth. Some of the notable species that are worth mention and can be spotted at this place include the magpie geese, the chestnut-quilled pigeon and the black wallaroo along with many such animals, some of which you might not have seen or heard of before. The park although opened for one and all travelers showcases great protected exhibits which are guarded heavily to protect the rare species from all kinds of threats.

Opera House:

Sydney-Opera-House_1The Sydney Opera House is another gem of Australian architecture that pulls one and all art lovers from all corners of the world. Some of the greatest artists of the world have had the honor of performing at the Opera house in front of thousand of guests. The Opera House is a home to a wide range of productions being held from time to time and offers a rich blend of dance, performances, singing, costumes, great sound effects and much more. Sydney Opera House is a living monument hat stands tall as the perfect epitome of rich culture of performing arts that Australia as a country holds dear to itself.