5 tips for taking out stress from travel

Planning in advance is the key to a stressful trip ahead. It might seem a big challenge, but you need to be aware of all the contingencies, helping you take action before it actually happens. Imagine, losing your luggage. What will you do? Or even worse, if you, or your family member, or your friend gets sick, you might get yourself in big trouble.

Having a proactive approach can reduce the possibility of a serious crisis big time. This is especially true in case of Bhutan tour packages, wherein you are completely unaware of the place. There are certain tips to follow for making your travel stress free, and making more enjoyable in turn.


a. Work on the budgeting part

Travel needs to be cheap, so that you can walk freely, and move about places enjoying them freely. Decide upon a maximum limit which you can afford, and then start searching for deals accordingly. You can do by means of a travel agent, or go online for booking things. Great bargains and deals are present just about everywhere, which you need to find. You should be not taking out your credit card or debit card, while on a leisure trip.

b. Packing should be light with minimal things

You are away from your home, and that’s why you need to realize that you have to take important necessary things with you such as bathing suit, shoes, toothbrush, and similar other things. Do not pack things in a rush. Think about what all will be needed, and accordingly pack things. Documents are the most important part of travel. Have a checklist of things to carry in short term travel, and the same for long term travel.

c. Have all your belongings protected at one place

It is bad to get paranoid while travelling. It can be frustrating if you are losing out important things on travel. You need to put most important stuff deep down in your luggage. They should be placed in such a way that they remain packed wonderfully, with everything remaining in sight. Have all the important information, emergency numbers, medical insurance, traveler’s checks, credit card numbers, etc. at one place to have things organized.

d. Lock your house well before going to a holiday

If you are worried about your home even while on a trip, you are surely not going to the fullest. A few simple precautionary measures can safeguard your home wonderfully. Before you leave, inform your neighborhood to keep an eye on your house. Lock every single room well, especially the main door. Inform the newspaper delivery boys not to throw paper for the time being.

e. Trip needs to be insured with health safety intact

Most people forget their insurance policies before actually leaving for a holiday. It is especially important for overseas travel wherein insurance plays a major role. Ensuring coverage of personal liabilities is important. When packing for an expensive trip, you might encounter dangerous situations leading to unimaginable losses.


A Place Like No Other- Bhutan

If vacation is all that you are looking forward to then Bhutan serves up to be an awesome place for you. Filled up with monasteries amidst mountains, this place will never let you be bored. Be it humans or the place itself, both of them do their own talking and it feels nothing less than a magic to be here. All said and done, let Bhutan Tour Packages be great enough to take you on a roll to this place where awesomeness exists. Here is a guide of few places which can really be the best of all :

NATIONAL MEMORIAL CHORTEN : A Tibetan styled chorten which is one of the most famous spot of religious gathering in Thimpu. Built as a memorial for the third king, there are a large no of elderly people and children who visit this memorial early mornings.

bhutan tour packages

WEEKEND MARKET : This can serve as a perfect place for your weekend street side shopping as it is thronged along the west bank of Wang Chhu. Here you can always find some impressive and extensive kinds of your favourite items right from something to eat to something to take back to your home.

Weekend market

TOWER OF TRONGSA : This watchtower (ta dzong ) overlooking the dzong now houses an excellent museum. The five floors of displays focus on Buddhist art and royal memorabilia, including such varied treasures as the 500-year-old jacket of Ngagi Wangchuk and the football boots used by the teenaged fourth king. You can drive here or walk up a steep staircase from town.

LEUGE ROWE : This lovely and little-visited lhakhang at the far northern end of the valley offers a fine half-day hike. The chapel is named ‘Sheeps Horns’ after the sacred horn prints and hoof prints on the cave roof. Pilgrims walk under the roof’s nine mandalas and make a wish

Author’s Bio : The author of this article is Vishal whose passion is to travel and eat and wishes to explore every corner of Bhutan one day and also says that Bhutan Tour Packages is an excellent nut to crack.

Bhutan Travel Packages – The Himalayan Splendour


Bhutan Travel Packages showers the best way to explore the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, Bhutan. This small country lies between India and Tibet. The breathtaking Himalayan ranges shields Bhutan from the rest of the world. It’s magnificent and splendour cultural heritage, vivid people and vivid landscape speaks a lot to the rest of the world. Tourists from all over the world are always amazed by its flora fauna species natural treasures. They find it quite peaceful place for holidaying with friends and families, especially when you don’t have to stress your pocket.

Thimpu the capital of Bhutan, prompts travelers so much that they can’t leave the place without exploring it. The National Library, Painting School, Traditional Medicine Institute, Textile and Folk Heritage Museum and the Memorial Chorten are some remarkable places to visit once you are here. The stopover at Gangkar puensum which is the highest peak of the country lures them with its natural beauty, and keeps them standstill for hours.

During vacations of your children, you can freely make your mind to touch this land. Bhutan vacation package has priceless trip highlights more than what you have expected. You have seen Himalayas in text books or have heard about its beauty, but now you have a chance to see it with your very own eyes. The Himalayan range has opulence beauty and the fearless seductiveness.

Blissful greetings from Himalayas is always a worth one. It has carefully preserved our ancient culture and the environment that we still need. If you are planning to visit this unique place, come in touch with Bhutan Tourism, and book your schedule to watch this most sought after destination of the world.

Regions near-by Himalayas mainly Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Nepal unanimously becomes the part of your journey at times. Search the soul of Himalayan splendour, it must be underlying somewhere in your heart!

Honeymoon to Bhutan Package Exceptionally Best for Newlyweds


If you are a newlywed and are looking for a desirable place to visit, then none can match your expectations than Bhutan. It is an extraordinarily beautiful and a must go place for honeymoon. Its honeymoon to Bhutan package has lots to shower on tourists. If you are a nature lover, you can enjoy photography over there, whose natural heritage is still at bay from modern establishments.

A certified guide will be there to help you to make utmost use of your holiday package. Here, you will find lots of cultural, natural, and historical destinations to be part of your honeymoon, making your tour most memorable compared to what you have thought of. Below some places have been mentioned which can be part of your chosen package, and also taste their exceptional service and hands-on-guidance.

  • National Memorial Chorten
  • Tashichho Dzhong
  • Changangkha Lhakhang
  • Takin preserve National Park
  • Kuensel phodrang (Buddha Point)
  • Royal Botanical Garden
  • Weekend market – Thmphu
  • Dochula Pass
  • Chimi Lhakhang Temple
  • Jigme Dorji National park
  • Punakha Dzong
  • Gangtey Gompa (Monastery)
  • The Phobjikha valley
  • Rimpung Dzhong
  • Tiger Nest Monastery Hike
  • Kyichu Lhakhang and much more…

Every place holds great uniqueness and historical attractions that flawlessly took their place in the eyes of tourists. Being here means, something you thought off is in front of you especially the Himalayan range and much more. Bhutan tourism is always behind that making its every holiday package exceptionally good, memorable, and full of experience for worldwide tourists.

The Holidays package for Bhutan is the most chosen package by the world tourists. They love to visit the country. Whether you want to come with your friends, family, as a couple or just newlywed; touring here is always remains special in the hearts of tourists.

Bhutan Holiday Packages is a Visual treat to Bhutan

Bhutan-landscapeAre you looking for Bhutan Holiday Packages? Holidaying with family is the best time to boost your relations or to give a new edge to your life. Bhutan is a beautiful country, and to explore its world, you need holiday packages. It is a land of monasteries, fortresses, and of mountains and floral beauty.

There are lots of travel agents who showers endless Bhutan tour packages. These tour packages offer best prices and best holidaying services. Families and couples can explore this mystical and spiritual land by booking an experience today.

Asian countries always praised for their natural and cultural beauty in the world. They have a flourished tourism throughout the year. Bhutan is a real gem of Asia. This landlocked country also known as the land of Thunder Dragon fascinates every traveller of the world. Its historical traditions, exalted monasteries, escalated mountains, and enriched floral beauty prompts every holidaymaker very swiftly. It speaks to you by soul, and always welcomes you.

You will see a great vividness when it comes to people and culture of this small country. It is cuddled up in the Himalayan range which is a real visual treat for holidaymakers. Cheap holidays package for Bhutan would be a great option, if you are touring to North Eastern states of India. Here, you will see lots of amazing and unique monasteries throughout Bhutan, as it’s completely a Buddhist nation. Besides, you will enjoy the breathtaking sceneries following the Himalayan range, Shivalik hills, and several acclaimed peaks and mountains the deeper you move on. You will automatically engross into its traditional beauty that smelled in the air.

Your chosen Bhutan package would be a visual treat to Bhutan. So, give a twist to your mood with your loved ones by being there once for a lifetime. You would have mesmerising memories captured in your eye-lens forever!