Put An End To Your Hunt For Adventurous Holidays Opting For Sikkim Tour packages

A holiday is all about exploring all the corners of a destination. Usually it includes sightseeing, visiting the attractions of the place, indulging into the cultures and festivals, shopping centers and many such aspects. However, what is an excursion if it doesn’t have some adrenaline pumping facets. Eventually, this becomes a prime factor for every destination if you are an adventurer isn’t it?


Well, if this is the point and in case you are in India then there are myriads of destinations which would quench your thirst for some jaw-dropping adventures. One such incredible Indian destination is Sikkim. Located in the laps of the Great Himalayan Ranges, this state is intensely blessed by nature. Once visited, you will have the opportunity to get more close to the beautiful nature observing the crescent views of the earth.

Sikkim offers several trekking options to those who get convinced only after reaching over the top of the mountain. Having one of the highest peaks of the world Kanchenjunga also known as K2 sometimes, it welcomes trekkers from all corners of the world. Check out some other provocative trekking options while being on your Sikkim tour packages.

Green Lake Trek


This is among the most preferable treks for the adventurers. If you wish to catch the spontaneous views of lofty mountains, birds, flowers, never seen flora and various other astonishing facades then head away to this trekking point. Apparently, if you are planning for a winter trek then this is the best time to visit Green Lake.

Kasturi Odar Trek


Another stunning trekking destination in Sikkim is Kasturi Odar. It takes 15 complete days to finish the entire trekking. On your trekking, you will also come across various other areas including the Talung Glacier, Kanchenjunga, Goecha La, Lamuni and others. Now, as this is the winter in most parts of the country, this place too becomes an ideal spot for the tourists

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek


For those who are dare devils and like to face even the toughest parts of the Mother Earth nature, this trek point becomes more noticeable for them. Other than being a difficult trekking point, Kanchenjunga base camp trek is also known for its attractive appearance as it provides some beautiful vistas of Sikkim.

Goecha La Trek


Forests, lakes and lush meadows make this place a striking creation by the nature. The path that leads towards Goecha la is accompanied by all of these points and once when you have finished your trekking, you will feel proud to select this spot for trekking.

The loveliness along with its magnificent trekking points makes Sikkim tours highly demanding that you actually expect from an adventurous holiday destination. Try this place for once.



Experience the real charm of Himalayan tourism by taking up a Darjeeling Sikkim Tour

Sikkim and Darjeeling are two highly popular destinations in close proximities to each other, a pride of North East India. What you see are a range of natural beauty offerings in the form of diverse flora and fauna, green sprawling tea estates, snow-capped mountain peaks, making both ideal destinations to visit together. Not just these two, but also visit the glorious Kalimpong, to make this trip a threesome trip to complete. Pick the best Darjeeling as well as Sikkim tour packages from Mumbai or Ahmedabad, whichever convenient and get yourself an ideal experience of life. Let us have a brief discussion on both, and know why you should visit them.


It is a beautiful hill station in the lap of West Bengal, giving you a magnificent view of Kanchenjunga. It has attracted globe trotters worldwide wherein people can explore the true North Eastern beauty. Pick any resort or hotel here and you would be able to see the third highest mountain peak in the world i.e. Kanchenjunga.


Darjeeling Toy Train is something not to be missed, declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Riding on a toy train will give you a picturesque view of not just the hill town, but the surrounding beautiful nature as well. Major attractions include Darjeeling Zoo, Tiger Hills, Darjeeling Museum, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, beautiful tea estates of Happy Valley, Batasia Loop, Botanical Garden, Zoological Garden, Ropeway, Ganga Maya Park, Rock Garden, Toy Train, etc.


It is a beautiful state bringing you closer to the Himalayan paradise and in close proximity to West Bengal where Darjeeling is based. Other than the picturesque views, you can enjoy sports activities, tropical forests, Buddhist monasteries, and many more things. Buddhism is something that makes Sikkim one of the greatest destinations to visit.


Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim, and another major tourist destination city just like Darjeeling in West Bengal. You can plan both states of West Bengal and Sikkim, and can easily travel to Gangtok from Darjeeling. The drive between these two cities is something to cherish and taken experience of. Zigzag roads within the hills give a chilling effect in your body. The major attractions of Gangtok are Rumtek Monastery, Pelling, Khechepalri Lake, Tsomgo Lake, etc. You can also go to Pelling, a small place in Sikkim near to Gangtok, wherein you get breathtaking view of the Himalayas.

Experience Life Beyond Nature With Sikkim Tour Packages

The best places and destinations are those that leave a memory embarked in you that you wish to recollect them even after years and one of those places which suits to this is Sikkim.Sikkim which is considered to be as heaven on earth is by all the ways one of the most beautiful destinations in India that one can even think of or imagine. It is very true for this place that words are not enough to tell you how good this place and you need to be in Sikkim to touch everything by your heart and let everything touch your soul. There are a few places that does both and Sikkim being one of those places is majestic in all the ways be it being diverse in culture or be it trodden with natural things all over. If you are really confused about where to go then you should definitely not miss the chance for Sikkim Tours as the Sikkim Tour packages are way more than amazing than what you might think. Here are some of the few things to rejoice upon in Sikkim :

Café Live And Loud : If music and food is your thing then do not shy away from being at this place as Café Live and Loud offers you with some amazing kinds of entertainment that would stop you from going back to your home. There are live music and gigs that happen regularly and are performed on a general basis and will make you feel awesome about everything. Some good music scenes and good delectable food at wonderous rates will make you go nostalgic with everything . The crowd is massive and its is nice to see a lot of people being interested in it. The café also boasts of an incredible terrace which might just give you some views that might seem like eternity.

Golden Tips : If you are a tea lover and if you are in Sikkim then you just cannot afford to miss out on Golden Tips. A place that will delight you by all means, Golden Tips is a treat for all the tea lovers who wish to slurp into the best of teas. Ranging from all kind of teas, Golden Tips serves some amazing Darjeeling Tea which you might always be delighted to have it. The smell of the tea from the Golden Tips is enough an indication to tell you  that there is something good with this place that you might experience. If you wish to have the best of teas and feel like tasting some new ones then Golden Tips is the place you need to be at.

Denzong Cinema : Cinema is one thing that can never disappoint a human and cinema tends to be a place for relaxed souls to get together for a good movie. If you think that Sikkim lacks good Cinemas to host then close your eyes and be at Denzong Cinema for this place show cases some amazing cinemas of different genres and might as well turn out to be a thing that would make your dull day turn out into an amazing one. Denzong Cinema hosts cinema at the best of locations and it is just something that you might not take your eyes off. So on a weekend if you are done with all the shopping then make sure you head straight to Denzong for a relaxing atmosphere over a good movie that is filled with all good vibes.

Experience a Remarkable Travel Vacation with Sikkim Tours

Are you looking to celebrate New Year in a unique manner? Well, Sikkim is a place, which allows you to break free from mundane existence. Being the dream tourist destination of Northern India, Sikkim is visited by thousands of travelers. The chief attraction of Sikkim encompasses beauty of the mountains, great adventure, monasteries, wildlife and the wealth of National Parks. Within Sikkim tours, it is must to include Darjeeling, which is again a beautiful hill station in the West Bengal. Located in the Kanchanjungha Himalayas, Darjeeling is the most famous hill station offering outstanding opportunities for memorable travel experience.  You are sure to have memorable New Year celebration.

Chief highlights of Sikkim travel itinerary
Sikkim tour may be organized by an online travel agency. It is important to ensure that the following places are included:

  • The Capital of Sikkim, Gangtok is the foremost. The beautifully charming and picturesque town is seen straddling with eye-catching houses and cottages moving down the hillside. Here, one can behold a blend of modern and traditional customs and this makes the place unique.
  • Yuksom was the foremost capital of Sikkim where the divine ruler was sanctified in the year 1641. In fact, the evidence of that ceremony can still be seen in Norbugang Chorten.
  • Tsomgo Lake is as long as a kilometer and is oval shaped. Locals consider it extremely holy. From the month of May till August, you can behold the rarest of spectacular flowers such as blue and yellow poppies, Iris and primulas.
  • The Indo-China border Nathula Pass is situated at an altitude of 14200 feet. Journeying here is a lot fun with misty peaks, zig-zag roads, cascading waterfalls.
  • Pelling is the most famous destination among all. From an altitude of 6800 feet where it is located, you can have the closest view of Mt. Kanchendzonga, the third highest peak.


Must-visit tourist destinations near Sikkim
The immense beauty of Sikkim attracts the attention and if you wish to experience the enchanting beauty, do not leave out on the following destinations:

  • Enjoy the popular toy train ride in Darjeeling. Witness the bounty of nature in the form of Darjeeling tea plantations.
  • Siliguri features an exquisite landscape and distant views of myriad vegetation, snow capped mountains.
  • Near to Sikkim is Kelimpong, which is again spectacular, dotted by charming landscape and monasteries, and numerous orchids.


Sikkim Tour Packages will show you the best of this world. With the tour, you can explore monasteries, mountains, gardens, tea gardens, etc. So, enjoy the opening of 2017 in a grand manner by touring Sikkim Packages.